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  1. Thanks for your reply. The file is .dwg format from another user. Tried both drag/dropping and manually importing. No luck. Will email to you.
  2. Recently, I am having trouble importing .dwg/.dxf files in Vectorworks. The following message normally appears: 'This is an unrecognised file. This is not a file type that is supported for import.' The latest .dwg file I am having problems importing is a drawing made in AutoCAD 2010. It is only 528KB. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. I can't believe I missed something as simple as that! Yes, the units were in millimeters and not metres. Thank you both for your help - very much appreciated.
  4. I have attached an image of my model. But having viewed the model in elevation, I can see the contours are flat, despite each one having a Z value. Have I missed a step?
  5. Yes I have, and played around with the settings. But it just does look very flat still, whereas the site itself is very steep!
  6. I have been using vectorworks for a couple of years, mainly using it for 2D plans & elevations. I am currently delving into 3D modeling and I am attempting to create a site model. I've got a site survey, and have turned the contours (poly lines) into 3D poly lines with the correct contour distance. However, the drawing is looking very 'flat' and I would like to emphasize the contour heights a great deal more. Does anyone have any bright ideas to do this?! If anyone has any tips for using the site modeling tool too, please let me know!
  7. I am producing planting plans for a garden. I am doing this on a 2D plan and would like to display the accurate and actual shadows of trees/walls/buildings etc. to find the areas within the garden which are shady and sunny. Is there a tool in Vectorworks that can do this? Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Ok, I'm having trouble finding the 'export to vectorworks 11' menu in the workspace editor. It doesn't seem to be under 'file' then 'export'. I may just be completly missing something!
  9. I'm trying to export to anywhere! I've tried both of the above. I CAN for some reason export to v12. I can then open up v12 and export it to v11 but i can only do this at college as i don't have v12 at home. I'm using windows vista. I've tried what you said sig_eigei, but it still crashes! Thanks anyway.
  10. Not an error message as such. After i try to export it says: Vectorworks 2008 application has stopped working. Then i only have one option after that which is to press 'close program'.
  11. I'm having trouble exporting a file made in vectorworks 2008 into a vectorworks 11 file. It just crashes. Any ideas for this? Thanks.


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