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  1. Excellent!!! thank you very much. I got my divisions using the duplicate along path.
  2. I would like to divide a polyline into 5 equal lengths....how??
  3. how would i enter values formatted as I have them? example(N 10 8' 31.9" W 61 30' 31.5") i would like it to be that I input a value for the point that I already have on the drawing and simply place more points with specific values in this format.
  4. thanks mike but how to i make the plug in work?? i have vw 2008 on a pc running windows xp
  5. is there any other way of doing it??? please help
  6. I have a dwg of a survey drawing which has one point on it that I know the eastings and northings of (N 10 8' 33.1" W 61 30" 16.9")I would like to add more points on this drawing and I have the coordinates of them in this format. Is there a simple way to change the x,y coordinates in vectorworks to correspond to this format so that I can simply place my points precisely?


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