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  1. Hi, I would like to list the individual components and each thickness with a data stamp. Is this somehow possible? Thanks
  2. Hi, I´m having trouble cutting a fence/rail object. What would be the best way to do it? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your replies. I´m going to check with the sales rep ...
  4. Hi, I´m owning VW 2016 (Serial No. Version) and think about an upgrade to 2017. If I understand it right, Nemetschek will deliver a separate serial number with the upgrade. Will I be able to use both Versions at the same time on different computers? Thanks!
  5. Frank, you're right. There is a bug in the calculation of cut and fill. We had the problem a couple of month ago over here in Germany. We disussed it on the german support board. One user had already talked to Nemetschek about it and found out that they knew about the bug. Hopefully they fix it soon! When you keep the DTM very plain and simple it gives you the right numbers. Good enough for a rough estimate. But I wouldn't trust it if its getting more complex even if it seems to be correct. :-(
  6. Hi IanH, you are right. I was using CS1 but when switching to CS3 everything works fine! Thanks. Is there a way that all pdf layers are transformed to photoshop layers? Axel
  7. Hi Ray Libby, yes I can export as an image file but it will result in a flat image (on layers). Also transparent areas will be white. I would prefer a layered output where transparent areas stay transparent (as they do in an eps file). axel
  8. Hi, is there a good an working way to import data from VW into Photoshop? I would prefer to only get rasterized lines in photoshop (all white areas should appear empty). I was trying to use the eps export but the result isn't very clean. I also tried a pdf instead but somehow, even if acrobat is showing the correct data, photoshop only imports the data that was on the active VW layer. Is there another way to do it? I would like to do a little bit of color finishing in photoshop...
  9. How are your experiences with the cut & fill informations. Can I trust them? Are they always accurate? Thanks in advance..
  10. orangeman

    DTM ???

    tslattergarden, thanks. I used stake objects and it worked fine!
  11. Is there a way to change the style of lineends from round to edge? Thanks, orangeman
  12. orangeman

    DTM ???

    Hi archoncad, thanks but all I have is a couple of 2D points telling me the planned height.
  13. orangeman

    DTM ???

    Hi, I'm a landscape architect from germany (so please excuse my english). I'm using VW 2008 landmark and would like to use a DTM to calculate the soil cut & fill volume. I don't have 3d points or polygons from the site but 2D points with heights. First I made 3D locus points with the correct height and created a DTM out of it. From the planned site we only have 2D points. How can I create a "proposed" Site model out of these points? If VW would show me the volume of the "existing" model I would create a complete second one for the proposed landscape get a basic idea of how much soil needs to be cut or filled. But I can't see any information on the volume of the site model. Any ideas? orangeman


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