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  1. Reverting back to 08 fixes the problem. It seems to be an 09 problem. I have had it occur in three site models I am working on. As soon as I save back to 08 and regen the model - all is well.
  2. Yep, The VW engineers are working on the issue. At least that is what tech support tells me.
  3. Miguel, most of my work (Landscape Architecture) is as detailed as yours. Most of design teams I lead, whether as a subdivision planner, resort planner, site development planner, project manager,etc. require that I be able to provide road profiles and designs, storm water concepts, grading plans, etc. to the civil engineer. They, then refine my drawings under my direction to achieve the design goals. I believe Landmark is intended to be more than a planting plan generator. Unfortunately, it is the issue of which comes first - the chicken or the egg. If you have developed tools which help along the civil engineering lines, I would market them to those of us who are patiently waiting for VW to fully realize that the egg needs to come first before others will buy the package. If they really thought of Landmark as only a landscape garden package, then we would already have a functioning irrigation design package.
  4. I would like to be able to import XML and also export cleanly to Microstation
  5. Tools for showing outside and inside turning radius for vehicles and trucks.
  6. The 2009 nurbs roadway tool seems to be greatly improved but could use more help with edibility and design functions such as cross-section design, ditches, shoulder sections and realigning vertical elevations for center lines.
  7. Should have stayed with XP - No 2009 help problems
  8. I saw this question on another of the forums, but upon further thought - - it would be nice to have a way to graphically show cut and fill depths. Would also help show for errors in the process.
  9. The irrigation pipe tool will total on a spreadsheet.
  10. One more tip. Since they cannot read our intelligence, In a separate file, group the entire dwg. then ungroup, everything then is reduced to simple lines, making it easier for AC users to manipulate
  11. Under classes - check the proper classes under Plants-Component-XXX, This will give the flexibility to control rendering times.
  12. Heck, they have not even fixed some of the simple bugs that have been identified since day one of version 2008 - ie plant worksheets - need to change botanical to Latin, so we do not need to do it manually to get the worksheet to function properly. Only slight frustrated. Otherwise this is a much better program then AC. Their bug issues make ours seem minor.
  13. Thom

    Training CD?

    Skip the VW's stuff and go straight to Jonathan's stuff. I would go through the basics first as there are several setup and foundational issues that will help you understand how VW work's. Jonathan can also provide online training over the web which is very helpful. I will be working with him this week on some of my weaknesses.
  14. Thom

    Training CD?

    Better off investing in Jonathan Pickup's training materials. Much better written and helpful. Disclaimer: I am not in the employ of Mr. Pickup. Just a happy user.
  15. Pardon my frustration - but how hard can it be to fix the Latin / Botanical Name bug in the plant records spreadsheet. This has been noted as a bug since day 1 of Ver 2008. I was hoping to see this fixed in the latest updates --- but nope. Build 88670
  16. islandmon I am confused how you got from 1:3 to your answer. Would you expand your methodology? thks - I am sometimes very brain dead from dealing with bureaucrats. by the way, at least one of the tech support guys could not tell me how to get from 1V:3H to degrees
  17. thks - could not find it the other day.
  18. There used to be a Video Card review on the VW website under the Knowledge Base area. Know when I click there I do not get the knowledge base page. Does anyone have the PDF and could send it to me. I need to build a new PC and want the best bang for the buck on a high end machine. thks
  19. I always send a PDF with my dwgs. I have my consultants do the same. By sending me a PDF then I know what they intend for me to see. It is unbelievable how many consultants expect us to clean up their dwg.
  20. But does still exist as a cover up in the Landmark series
  21. Thom

    Plant list

    Edit spreadsheet, check database headers. Highlight appropriate cell. Change "botanical" to "Latin" This has been a bug since day one of 2008. VW seems unwilling to correct in updates for some reason - maybe it shows how much they care about us.
  22. Does anyone know how to remove the polygon box around the ID Tool so that just the record is visible. I have edited the symbol, but that seems to remove the ability of the tool to read the intelligent object. Specifically, I am trying to label irrigation pipe. I am using the pipe tool to create the object. thks
  23. Jeff Not to toot Jonathan Pickup's horn, but his manuals are the best going. Written for us lay men.
  24. I am having the same problem on my HP 110 Plus
  25. Have the archicad export to dwg, and then import dwg. Works fairly well for me.
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