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  1. Got to agree. Heck I bet we will not even get someone from VW to chime in here. Cannot get one here to answer when we asked already. Right Bryan?
  2. I have a 2 processor machine with 4 cores each, for a total of 8 cores, and 5 hard drives available to me for a very reasonable cost "$0.00. I can run Windows 7 and take advantage of very little of the horsepower. Can I run Linus / wine and take advantage of all that is available? Or would it be better to run MS Server 2003> thks
  3. Would be nice, so I would not need to spend my weekends getting out systems. Way too much redundancy working on irrigation systems.
  4. I agree and actually would be the tack I would take. Hunter's website has a small program that does do hydraulic calcs. My thought would be to approach them about modifying the program to do piping routines using intelligent symbols as a basis.
  5. If VW said they were not going to support this module for at least 5 years, I would go looking for monies to have someone develop the program. Much of the work has been done by others and should be easily ported over. Just a side note: The piping run tool will produce automatic labeling. With just a slight modification could be used for an irrigation pipe tool. Much superior to what they are giving us.
  6. Jonathan Actually, I do have a full compliment of intelligent symbols. I do have problems getting the spreadsheets to work right, but am getting closer. To begin with, a simple logic script would go along ways towards automating piping routines. Actual hydraulic formulas could be added later. VW was going to do a module, shortly after one of the 3rd party guys said he would work on it, then dropped the project. Robert Anderson used to believe that not many users really needed irrigation design. I never could convince him that even in Seattle, Wa at 57 inches per year, irrigation was required on all commercial and many residential projects. I know several LA firms that will not even consider VWL until there is a full fledge irrigation module.
  7. And please consult those of us who do irrigation design for a living. I just noticed in one of the spreadsheets the record is for 10' pieces. Real irrigation suppliers sell in 20' only and "pieces" do not count anyway. Need total lengths of each size.
  8. As I have been asking for 10 +/- years, when will we get an "real" irrigation module or at least will VW state that they do not plan on providing an irrigation module so that one of our 3rd party developers will undertake the project without worrying about VW taking their work from them.
  9. Is there a reference manual or website that breaks down writing script to very non-script writing language. With the down turn in the economy and a lot of spare time on my hands, I am thinking about working on a basic irrigation piping routine. thks
  10. See Jonathan Pickup`s website. His stuff is the best. Keep in mind that one can accomplish most anything, but often the way to get there is not obvious.
  11. Just had to learn this routine after copying each phase to a new dwg. Gets tedious. Create a layer or class for each phase of the project. Go to "tools - report - create report" There you can create a custom report that will show the specified information.
  12. Being anti - windows and Mac, For the same reason I use VW, I wish VW would run on Linux machines.
  13. Thom


    Searching for recent Linux threads did not show anything, so here we go. I have always had an interest in Linux. Since I am getting a new laptop (I am a PC), I thought I would install Linux to play with. Is anyone running Linux ? What disco, are you using Wine, Virtual Box or other? thks in advance
  14. Are you talking about having a "live" section that we could modify and would then update the dtm. If so, I support this highly. Would make fine grading much easier. Dave - You state you have scripts to help you. Willing to share or sell?
  15. I have found the same to be a problem. Solved it by exporting just the planting design and then x ref the file into an autocad base. Or export each separately and reassemble in AC.
  16. I am designing a Veteran's Memorial (pro-bono) and would like to find a "Lost" Soldier symbol or grouping of symbols for my 3D model. Anyone have an idea where or how to create this? thks
  17. Thom

    DTM examples

    I have several, mostly using 2' contours. What are you looking for exactly. Feel free to call or email me with particulars.
  18. Actually, if VW were to say that the US market is the only place irrigation is used and the market is too small, therefore they (VW) will not be developing an irrigation model for at least 5 years, then I would explore the subsidizing of one of our talent 3rd party developers to develop or develop a method of porting one of the existing products to VW. Of course, I would need to offer the product to US users at a 50% discount.
  19. In many places, especially in urban areas, plant material will not grow without some supplemental irrigation (including native plants). The environmental & sociological benefits of having shade & green areas (i.e. asphalt cooling, wind control & carbon dioxide absorption, etc.)out-weight the cost of using water. Also, sports fields would not survive and would be dust bowls.
  20. HMMMMMMM - Waiting for an official VW response as to development (or not) schedule
  21. The issue here is whether or not VW will be pursuing this issue within the next five years. Matt at Panzercad was going to work on this until VW stated they were pursuing the module. Then they dropped the ball. Jeffery - I understand that as an architect you may have the same attitude as Robert (at least, used to) that irrigation design is not an important part of landscape design, but perhaps you should take a poll of us who use Landmark. I believe that you will find a major portion of us want irrigation or believe it is important.
  22. Jeffery A quick search will bring you up to speed on the history of this request. I know of more than one firm that will not consider VWL until there is a valid irrigation module. Especially in this time of water conservation. However, look at these links to see what "real" irrigation software looks like. http://www.sciencehill.net/ http://www.softwarerepublic.com/irrigationsoftware/ http://www.watermark-id.com/ http://www.eaglepoint.com/solutions/workflow/office/landscape/ http://www.wcadi.org/ What VWL presently has is a system of symbols. For irrigation design, we need the intelligence that will allow for pipe sizing routines, hydraulics, valve sizing, coverage analysis, etc. When you look at the above programs, you will see a common theme with the offerings.
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