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  1. I am running Win NT with VW Landmark. I have experienced the large file problem. I am ususably able to get my plots out with only a 15 min wait. It would be nice for VW to work with a plot file vendor to make an efficent driver.
  2. It would be nice to have editing commands or at least the ability to develope our own command structure for the right button. thks
  3. Is it possible to add more commands to the right mouse click? thks
  4. Thom


    Where can I find the borders in Landmark to try and modify one to fit my sheet layout? thks
  5. Is there way to have the zoom commands be transparent when drawing so one does not have to leave a line command to zoom? thks Thom
  6. Thom


    Is there a way to set a preference so when opening a drawing the dialogue box brings up the right directory.
  7. Frank Is it possible to modify the border provided in Landmark? Specifically I would like to narrow the data/information section in the main border to allow for more drawing space. thks Thom
  8. Thom


    Ok Frank You have given us Landmark, when will the tutorial be ready? I know more than a few people who want to look at it. thks
  9. Thom

    Plant Tables

    How does one create a Plant Table. I can get the plant report to form ok, but cannot get the quantitites to tabelate totals for individual species. Frank - We need Landmark Thom
  10. Thom


    Frank When will the tutorial that is mentioned in Spring "Dispatch" newsletter be put up on the web. thks Thom
  11. Does anybody have a chart showing what font sizes are in mm or inches as an autocad format would as for. Also the same for line weights and thicknesses. thks
  12. Thom


    Frank When will we get to see Landmark? thks
  13. Thom


    Which template is best to set up landscape sheets.
  14. In site planning, many times a project will need to be printe on several sheets to be readable at proper scales. To do this in VW is complex, especially for those of us who are recent converts from autocad. Would somebody write this process out. The hard part is to get a border on each sheet with all the linking and scales correct. Frank - If you could somehow automate this for Landmark, it would be handy. Many of my siteplans cover more than one sheet.
  15. To print a multiple sheet site plan with title blocks requires an elaborate setup. Tech support just walked me through the work around. Being new to VW it would be handy to have someone write this out for me. It will be valuable for those of us moving over from Autocad. thks
  16. What is the best printer driver to use with a HP 450C thks thom
  17. What is the best printer driver to use with a HP 450c thks Thom
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