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    Landmark 10

    How many of fellow LA's and designers find the new plant insertion tool and catologue unnecesarily combersome. I feel like it could be simplified in many ways that would eliminate many key strokes. I do hope that as the irrigation module is developed that the KISS principal is used. I think that those of us who use LM daily should be vocal about likes and dislikes so that LM developers here from a broad base of users, rather than one or two who may not have a grasp on the day to day life of all of us. [ 11-20-2002, 02:52 PM: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  2. My own research tells me that probably a Ge Force 4 Ti 4200, 128 meg is the best card for the money without going to a card 4-5 times the cost. Radeon 9500 Pro would also be good if they keep up on driver updates and support.
  3. I know this has be asked before, but what are the best video cards for a PC. thks
  4. Thom

    Landmark 10

    Now have the answer thanks to Mike S. The book is not really clear how some of these things work.
  5. Thom

    Landmark 10

    Has anybody been able to import a 9.5.2 plant list with symbols to LM 10? I keep getting inconsistent results including nothing happening or getting an error message.
  6. I will also give the tech support a big high five as one of the best in the business. Sure will miss Matt as he goes on to continue his education
  7. Thom

    VW 10

    I have been a VW user for approximately one year now. Particularly Landmark. If you think this is bad, try being an Eaglepoint user. Maintenance updates every month to correct bugs that were supposed to be corrected the month before. Yearly maintenance fees that are much more costly than the upgrade fees. I find VW Landmark much more user friendly even though it is in its infancy.
  8. Thom

    Site Model

    Site modeling is at best difficult. There needs to be a very detailed tutorial for this module. Probably the most important part of the program for showing clients what is being proposed, but most avoided because of difficultly of use.
  9. I think that this problem is indicative of DTM. It is a complex program and if one indicator is not right, the file will not work. I know that the program is being evaluated for the future upgardes. One thing that Vectorworks needs to keep in mind is that many of us do not work in the DTM module on a daily basis, therefore the dialoge boxes should be set up so the first step is first, the second, second, etc. Try and take the complexity out of the setup routines and go to extra ends to make good documentation.
  10. Thom


    Does anybody know of a good looking - architectural- read handwritten look - font thks
  11. Katie Here is a link that will at least get you started.http://www.landxml.org/landxml-1.0press.htm
  12. Will Vectorworks be compatiable with these new standards? It appears that compatiability with these standards will be critical in the future - especially for those of us who are civil and landscape based.
  13. Thom


    Does anybody know where there is a 3d rock symbol? [ 07-27-2002: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  14. Thom


    I am finding it very non productive doing grading plans with the methodology that we presently must use to create contours. We need a routine to easily create and label contours. This is a very important element. thksI have also posted on the wish list.
  15. I am finding it very non productive doing grading plans with the methodology that we presently must use to create contours. We need a routine to easily create and label contours.
  16. I would like to see a parking lot routine that allows for curved parking schemes.
  17. Thom


    While I have worked with the DTM and have found it fussy, is there a good detailed learning tool? The book is basic at best. My next two projects all involve cut and fill calcs. as well as modeling winery facilities in the terrain. Is there someone that can teach this to me in the NW? thksThom [ 06-03-2002: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  18. Has anybody used these plotter drivers? At $200 are they better than the HP drivers? thks
  19. Try this site for photo realistic: http://www.3dcafe.com/asp/freestuff.asp and this site for hand drawn: http://www.nemetschek.net/addons/land/3d_trees.html
  20. Robert What I think many of us need is a very detailed step by step of the methodology, issues, etc. of dueing DTM's.
  21. Thom


    Is there a way to start a stipple at the outside of a closed ploygon, and have it fade to the center or at some predetermined distance. This would be useful for showing lawn areas. thks
  22. Another item for the wish list is to automate the creation of a Plant Schedule. The present system is not totally accurate depending on the revisions that have been made to the dwg.
  23. Tara I had a similar problem on my 450C. Turned out to be a plotter resources problem. I needed to add ram to the plotter. A work around was to go into the printer preferences under the 'Advanced' button and switch memory resources to "computer" from "plotter".
  24. I am using Win 2000, VW 9.5, HP driver 4.6, to print to a HP450c. Part of my dwg. does not print. Tech support calls it a bug and no work around yet. Anybody have any suggestions.
  25. Robert What we need is a series of symbols - I have many and would be willing to send them to you - that could have records attached to them. It would be handy to be able to place and rotate the symbol into place with one click. We need to be able to switch from one symbol to another easily. ie - from a quarter circle to full circle, or from a 15' spray to a 30' rotor - then there needs to be a script that would read the gpm that is assigned to each sprinkler and that would tabulate gpm as selected and using a greater than or less than concept to assign pipe sizes. Many of the irrigation companies will supply data bases with the information on their equipment that could be used to automate the process. I am a firm believer in not automating things such as sprinkler placement or pipe routing. The last pipe on the zone could have a zone id tag that could be accessed by a valve command to place a valve sized by manual parameters. All symbols must be dxf export friendly - the present ones are not. There are many more things, but this would help. [ 02-19-2002: Message edited by: tvetter ]
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