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  1. I guess I need to weight in here. This has just happened to me. My difference is I am on a 3 gig PC, XP Pro.
  2. Chuck I cannot duplicate your problems, but would like to welcome you to Landmark. We now have four VW users in the Wenatchee Valley. Thom Vetter
  3. Where is this font available? [ 07-29-2004, 10:04 PM: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  4. Is there a way or tool, to select all of one type of symbol for editing in the attribute box instead of using the resource browser. thks
  5. Thom

    Retaining Walls

    Peter In my world, site planning, most of my walls do not require footings - segmented block walls such as Keystone or one of the many other manufactures, or they are built out of rock.
  6. Is there a way to place a retaining wall so the base will follow a slope, with the wall height a constant, other than setting several walls at individual elevations?
  7. Tyler I know when I programmed my trackball, with certain key combinations, it was more difficult to get the trackball software to accurately produce the right information to VW. I experienced much the same problem it sounds like you have. I could keyboard the shortcut, but the same command programmed into mouseworks would not work. Sometimes I would need to reenter the command several times before it would work.
  8. Tyler I am also running a Expert mieesees version 5. It's buttons work fine in 11 once I figured out the methodology to program them. Kensington's tech support is among the worst out there. It's too bad they have a good product. One of my buttons is sticking and I have been condemplating buying another brand because of the poor tech support. They need to take a lesson from VW about how to do tech support. (Mark, Katie, etc. don't get swelled heads)
  9. I realize this request in a bit unorthodox, but does anyone know how to reach Julian at OzCAD. I have sent several emails and have had no response. thks
  10. I have tried all the modes of rendering. None seem to make much difference. Probably is something simple if I could figure it out. What is a Moire pattern?
  11. I have experimented with several sizes, the best look uses a size of 8"
  12. I have created the texture resource. The problem is that there seems to be no definition to the texture when applied to the surface. If I change the scale of the texture in the object info pallette, it will render like the created surface, only the scale needs to be too big for the surface it is texturing, ie a brick 7" x 7" representing old cobblestone, would need to be 7' x 7' to show up on the surface looking anything like the cobblestone I am creating. Katie - see Mark, he has the dwg.
  13. As a Landscape Architect, I have been using VW since 9.5, but am just recently started working with Renderworks. I am beginning to overcome many of the issues in working with textures etc. The one problem I have not been able to figure out yet, is how to make a texture out of a digital photo that looks right when applied to a surface. I can import it in and it looks ok until I apply it to a surface ie paving. Is there a secret to taking the photo so the scale works? thks [ 06-14-2004, 10:57 PM: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  14. I have experienced the same thing. Robert - any ideas why this is happening. I have discussed this with tech and they do not have any ideas.
  15. I wish for an easier method of creating / modifying / texturing the existing 3D tree and shrub symbols for more realistic plants.
  16. I cannot say what your problem is, but I am running a Pentium 4, 3.0 with 1 gig of ram, Win XP Pro, full Industry series and have noticed no slow downs. I use the Landmark module most of the time. Have you tried the same in a new drawing or perhaps copying the existing drawing to a new file to see what happens. It sounds to me like a corrupted file.
  17. It would be nice (how about invaluable) to be able to rotate worksheets either in the dwg. or as a separate viewport in the viewport mode. There is a problem with ver. 11 in exporting to image and importing the image in and rotating as we used to in ver. 10. [ 05-27-2004, 02:43 PM: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  18. Rob and Viper X Robert, I think they are on to something. I agree with them in concept at least. That puts three of us in the same catorgory at least. It would be interesting to know how many LA's or landscape designers are out there.
  19. While I agree there are some of the steps in the tool that I do not agree with or understand why they were designed the way they are, once I began to understand the logic the design engineer (Robert-?, and you must understand he is an architect by training - a strike against him, just teasing Robert) used in setting up the tool, the process began to be much easier. What I would suggest is to describe in a step by step list how you would see the tool being setup - likes and dislikes. If there is enough commonality between all of us, I would suspect Robert would modify the tool to address as many of the common points as possible. I do know from discussions from coast to coast, school to school, we all think and address issues completely different. VW's problem is to find commonality, which is like finding a needle in a haystack.
  20. I am suprised at the problems you are having Viper X. I exchange dwg with an Archicad designer frequently. While there are things that bug me and we have yet to figure out. I find that overall the files exchange fairly well. One thing that we found useful is to create a set of dwgs that we experimented with to find a dwg system that worked for both of us. Granted, many consultants are willing to take the time to work on exchange issues together. Good luck
  21. Thom

    Detail Symbol

    Robert If that were true, why would it show ok in the original drawing, but not in the copied/updated bases at the same scale? I also have noticed that my worksheet is not showing. Something is going on, probably a simple answer, but what I am not sure. Shall I email you the drawing? thks - nice to know someonelse is working today.
  22. Thom

    Detail Symbol

    I have set everything to be visible. Do the symbols have a certain class they automatically set to.
  23. Thom

    Detail Symbol

    It is late Friday and my mind is frizzled after a 60 hour week of irrigation design since Wednesday morning with no end in sight. Anyway, I copied my design work from a old base to an updated one. When copying to the new base, the detail symbol partially disappears. The number portion is visible, the circle is gone. I do get a layer not visible message. I have checked all settings and they appear to be the same. Any ideas. thks - it is going to be a long weekend [ 04-23-2004, 08:45 PM: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  24. It seems I have asked this question before, but could not find anything using the search function. I need to rotate a worksheet in the drawing. I understand this cannot be done using what should be an easy answer, use the rotate command. Is there a way to export and import the worksheet to be able to rotate it. I would rotate the entire dwg but there are too many components. thks
  25. Might as well add my vote to this one. Many times I will have 10 -15 sheets for a dwg. set and something will need to be tweaked. A save current view command would be very helpful.
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