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  1. let me clarify...do i need to instal service pack number one and THEN service pack number two, or can i just install numbe. does 2 include the updates that were in number 1
  2. do I need to install SP 1 before SP 2 ?
  3. strange, when i ask for the help file it tells me to make sure the files are in the program folder....i look, and its rigth there next to the actuall program....hmmmmmmm.....help anyone???
  4. MullinRJ, do you have a link to the RESHAPER program? I run into similar problem, tho not as complex. I am having trouble making simple "S" shapes.
  5. a little help here... can you do it or no?
  6. in MC 7, if you double clicked in an empty field, the cursor would change from current tool, back to "picker" arrow. VW doesnt seem to do that. is there a setting to change or can you only do that by hitting "z"?
  7. any recommendations for a "dummies" guide for starting with VW 2008? Also is there any way to remove the X,Y coordinates? the ones that show up as you're drawing a shape Thanx in advance ps get ready, we're getting VW at work and im sure i will be relying on you folks a bit
  8. I am looking for someone who is currently using VW in the south central, south eastern area of PA who is willing to let me vivit and take a look at VW. I have contacted VW seveal times about a demo CD, but after they claim to have sent it twice, i still have not received it. I just want to spend 5 minutes making sure it is as easy as miniCAD was. Thank you all for any response and i must say this is a great forum with many worthwhile users
  9. I too am in the same boat and this is the info someone sent me There is a demo version of VW available. Contact sales at 410-290-5114 and they will be happy to send you a disk. I called, and they are sending out disk glad to hear someone else is having the same idea!
  10. got some basic questions... does anyone remember MiniCAD? the precursor to VW? anyhow, ive been out of the drawing arena for a few years, and want to get back in. AutoCAD just freaks me out! Is there anyone near the Lancaster Philly PA area that would be willing to let me take a look at VW? they dont offer any demos and i just want to be sure it was a easy now, as it was then before telling my boss to shell out all the $$$ I currently use MC7 and love it, but it runs on an older mac and isnt as "cross-platform" friendly. can you still draw a rectangle anywhere and reshape it? autoCAD practically requires a programming degree! Thanks in advance
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