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  1. got it. small glitch i guess. thanx all
  2. ok, suddenly, whenever i start up VW it starts loading, i get all the windows, but it stops with the page going all white and i get... (insert scary music here) the pin wheel now what? if i reinstall do i lose my program prefs?
  3. got it, found it in search finally too THANX!!!
  4. i know this was asked and answer . and i apologize for that. but there was a question about arrows on an angular dimension not showing correctly, and the answer was to adjust half tick, or full tick. where is that window? thanx
  5. point taken... i humbly bow to your graces! all in good fun!
  6. you could also check the status of mouse set-up in system pref's panel play around with the settings til you find what works best for you! its a MAC for goodness sake.... not gonna crash like some systems might! haha
  7. try putting your cursor up in that bar above the text. click-hold and drag to move the "L's apart from each other. maybe with the rulers turned on, you can designate the distance that the tab will travel
  8. I know what you mean Ride, I run into the same problem. I cannot get Travis' "double line way" to work... you? I can only move one edge at a time, or simply move the entire thing. You're talking about stiles and rails with an insert panel. Then suppose you take a door that,s 15" x 28" and you want to just resize it to say 20" x 32", but when you reshape, all the internal parts get stretched and resized. Hate that. A good solution would be nice... if some one does get it to work...reply here
  9. NICE!!! i knew it was something simple! thank you for curing that little irritation maarten.
  10. for some reason when i use the shift key to lock a line to horiz. vert., etc.... it locks it in at .003 degrees and the smart cursor says"Alt". im sure its just a matter of deselecting a constraint button, but which one?
  11. i guess i should have tried this before asking... first draw the profile of the moulding, put it in front view... next extrude, (couple of inches) now 3-d rotate (ie 36.87deg for 9/12pitch) "cut 2-d section" and VIOLA! new developed crown!!! so simple even i could do it!!! thanx for all input
  12. thanx all, putting a description of what a developed crown is, isnt easy, but nice job Nicholas- thanx. no need for CNC data, just a profile. I will try all suggestions and post my results. Thanx all!
  13. first off, you need to know what a "developed" crown moulding is to help... Still here? great, is there an easy way to handle this on VW other than the traditional "swinging of the compass" method. possible resize or drag a "corner grab handle" and reshape it? any suggestions would be appreciated
  14. sorry, realized i wasnt in the right section....reposted
  15. is there any hatch that looks like wood grain version of (gulp) auto CAD? just the lines not an "image" thanx
  16. how do i get a basic wood grain hatch similar to (gulp) AotuCAD's
  17. got it...thanx i also had the preview checked in the view box for the finder...imanidiot
  18. i just updated my system, and put SP2 on the system...now SOME (not all mind you) of my document icons have changed to little itty bitty teeny tiny images of my drawing (rosanna fans?)oh, i dont like that! how do i get my generic pieces of paper back?
  19. new system and am not hooked to internet yet.... i know, but my company only got email a YEAR AND A HALF AGO!!!!! talk about old skool! when im online, i will DEFINATELY update all Thanks everyone
  20. sweet good to know software updates...for MAC or VW?
  21. how the heck do i get to these files? i can just simply open them, i get blank screen! driving me nurts! need even more help!
  22. ANYTHING to do with classes-CRASH my system....HELP!!!! Also, due to my training in MC7 I draw things in layers ie drawing on one layer and dimensions on another. so, im MC you could preset all drawing objects to be a certain line thickness and dimensions in a slightly thinner line: However, if i set either one, the other automatically follows suit. any help there?
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