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  1. ditto, would love to find out how you fare
  2. Elena, it sounds like the graphic on those layers got scaled at some point. If they overlay the same way than one must be smaller than the other. You can change that by making layers same scale, then going through modify>scale (inc. text, but not entire drawing) to change the wrong graphic to the right size. I've never encountered the 1/4" scale issue, but the civil drawings have come in in the past where they were drawn using 1" as 1 foot, so they had to be scaled by 12. hope it helps
  3. nering


    Speaking of fonts, is it possible to tell VW which fonts to use? it seems to be using the ones in User Library, not System library... We own so many fonts, though some of them were purchased a decade+ ago, but VW doesn't seem to like some of them. or maybe it's the Mac+VW combo - sometimes fonts are the biggest issue with Macs and VW...
  4. nering


    absolutely true, a lot of them are not 100% correct... prob. buggy too. might be helpful as a starting point though
  5. nering


    you can either buy them or there is a bunch of free fonts online, like heavy hand, graphite, draftsman, etc. Not sure which particular font you are looking for
  6. hmm, pot plants in office furniture... that made me smile:)
  7. Only when sending to print, only the sheet plan layers (not schedules i.e.)... but, I deleted all the spaces and it works now - thanks for heads up on space tool! Also, bug submitted to VW. These spaces have not created any problems before SP3.
  8. can't create it without renaming - same message comes up.
  9. yep, tried. no effect. Tried custom selection, but there is nothing with that name (Room-Name) to select...
  10. I get this message when trying to print: "The Class Definition you are trying to import has the same name as the symbol in current document" I don't have neither the class nor the symbol with that name in the file... And renaming doesn't work - I would end up renaming about 30 times per print, each time. Anyone has the same trouble?
  11. i believe it was called file path stamp in the old days, but it doesn't show up in 2012? -bcd, cmd+click on file name only shows file path, doesn't stamp the drawing...
  12. Anyone knows how I can show the file path/location on the drawing in VW2012? I've done it a few times in the past and remember it was super-easy, but can't find the option/tool now...
  13. I had a file for 11-story building, 3D, BIM-friendly, with all the IFC stuff, and without the furniture, plants, people, etc. the file was 380 MB - YouSendIt came in very handy To reduce the file size I changed resolution from 300 to 150, turned off quartz imaging, simplified my GL options, and yes, final quality renderings and IFC conversions are better done during lunch or overnight...
  14. make sure you are in the right view as well as classes/layers are set to "show/snap/modify others".
  15. you can also hide part of it with a viewport.
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