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  1. i need to either obtain or create a hatch for cavity insulation, a download would be great, but in the long run learning how would be better. Mac user. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the advice, I have created a design layer @ 1:1 scale and have assigned the selected title block to this layer, however when i try to scale down the text to 1:1 size it only does part of it. The part that scales down ok is a the company graphic that i presume was just imported into vectorworks and is not editable, except it seems for scaling, the other parts of the block do not want to scale down. there are no lines or boxes, only two simple line of text but when i attempt the same procedure as carried out on the graphic it just jumps to the right. Also, i am setting up the template so it covers all the main scales, but had noticed that the graphic block changes to a grey rectangle when on a different layer and prints like this, also the weight of the other layers is reduced. If you could tell me what i am doing wrong as there are obviously going to be instances where i need to set up a page with one drawing @ 1:50 and one @ 1:5 etc each on different design layers and i need them to print the same! Thanks again for your help, much appreciated!
  3. Is it possible to set up workspace that has more than one print area so a series of drawings can be created in the same file within different areas then print off a selected area without having to 'rearrange' the page?
  4. I cant seem to edit the size of the text used for dims, i have been into the custom dimension menu but i cant see an option to set the text size. At the moment i am having to change the text manually every time and its beginning to annoy! Help appreciated.
  5. I am having a few problems regarding my settings. Having set up dimension styles they seem to revert back to a default setting in the middle of a drawing. What is the best way to set everything up to get a standard template for projects for the sake of continuity? I am also having problems with a title block that at the moment i am having to cut and paste. what is the best way to create a reference file with an editable title block that will not be affected by the change of scale of the drawing because at the moment i am having to copy and paste and so it assumes the scale of the design layer. I am new to vectorworks so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Starting to use VectorWorks 2008 having previously used AutoCAD, looking to create a standard resource library containing both custom resources and the resources provided that will automatically load when starting a new drawing. Any advice on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.
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