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  1. HI @SebasVidales Looking into your issue, I found that one of our servers was not running the latest code, which I fixed yesterday. That should include a fix for the issue with lights not rendering. Some of your jobs were processed on this server, but not all of them. Did this problem show in all your renderings in the past few days, or just some of them?
  2. Traditional image upscaling, like in Photoshop or any other graphics program, is fundamentally different from machine-learned image upsampling. If your graphics program is producing results that work for you, please keep using it! This new feature increases the resolution of an image and uses machine learning to ADD detail to the new image that wasn't there in the original smaller image. Traditional scaling creates a larger resolution image with no extra detail, and uses something like cubic interpolation to fill in the extra pixels. This results in a blurry large image, which may be better than a pixelated image. For some comparisons, here is an image where each pixel is 4x its original size: Here is the image upscaled in GIMP using cubic interpolation. Note that the pixelation is gone but the image is blurry. And here is the ML upsampled version. The sharp lines remain sharp, the fine textures are retained, and the text is more readable. This technique does introduce artifacts of its own and some parts are blurry in places where you might want them to be sharp. It is essentially impossible to train the neural network to do this perfectly, and yes it is much slower than using Photoshop. However, we hope the results may be much better for some applications, like panoramas and producing images for large-scale prints. If a particular rendering is already pushing the limits of what your computer (or the cloud) can produce in a reasonable amount of time, but you still need a higher-resolution image, we hope this feature will help. A few minutes per image might seem like a lot compared to your graphics program, but consider that re-rendering at 4x the resolution will take roughly 16x longer than the original rendering. As Dave said, we hope to integrate this with our other rendering workflows in the future to produce high-resolution results in a shorter time.
  3. The application there is the launcher I was referring to.
  4. @rDesign If it is stuck saying "please wait while we update your account", I would just try to log in again later. Our servers are very busy at the moment while updating everyone's accounts. Sorry for the inconvenience. If it isn't stuck and says you can't log in, try using the "forgot Username or Password?" link (or the "Can't access your account?" link on the Cloud website) to reset your password.
  5. @Kevin McAllister: This is hopefully the last time you will see that dialog. Going forward, the app should auto-update to the latest version instead of asking you to download the newest installer. The installer is also used for computers which do not have Vectorworks installed, so that is why it installs to the Applications folder by default. Regardless of where you install it to, if you run the launcher included in the installer DMG you downloaded, the Cloud menu log-in should work correctly afterwards.
  6. I've seen this problem before, but it seems like you have also tried the workaround that has worked for me; using the eyedropper. Can you verify that you have Pen Attributes and Line Attributes selected in the Eyedropper Preferences dialog? Did you try eyedroppering from a plain rectangle instead of another plant? If you're still having the problem, can you copy the plant into a blank file and post it here? Or you can report a bug; there is already a report for this particular issue, but if the eyedropper does not fix it, it may be different.
  7. Can you describe the problem you are having more specifically, and/or provide a shapefile that is causing the problem? Shapefile import is an active feature of Vectorworks, although there are some specific bugs that we are looking into. Any details about the problem you are having will help us resolve them more quickly. Have you contacted Tech Support about it?
  8. This should work just as you expect, and hybrid site models built from both 3D polys and 3D loci appear to work fine after some brief testing. If you want to add points to an existing site model, right-click on it and select "Edit Source Data", then create the points. Or, copy-and-paste them if they already exist in your drawing outside of the site model. After exiting out of the source data, click "Update" on the object info palette for the site model, and the points should be incorporated.


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