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  1. I have a list of 150 trees in Excel with their NSEW dimensions in 4 columns. The ellispses I am drawing represent root protection areas for each tree and I am centering them on the trunk of individual trees on the tree survey. For example I would have the following dimensions: North 1m East 4 m South 2m West 7m and I have to draw an ellipse that is that shape that represents the root protection area.
  2. Does anyone know of a script that will automatically generate trees (as an ellipse shape) in plan view from NSEW measurements? At the moment I use a polyline and the bezier vertex mode but its slow when you're doing hundreds of trees! Can anyone help? Thanks Gilly VW 2008 Windows Vista
  3. I am trying to import an 3D Ordnance Survey Landform Profile dxf into VW2008. It contains spotheights and contours with heights. The spotheights import fine but the contours import as extrudes and not as 3D polygons with z values which is what I need to model the terrain. Can anyone help? (The file imports fine into GIS packages). Thanks!
  4. Oh my goodness! Are you saying that I can't automatically generate a plan showing where the cut and fill areas are but I can compare existing and proposed sections across the terrain? I have to give an answer by Wednesday so any help would be appreciated. PS. Thanks for your help on this.
  5. I created a proposed and exising terrain model and created a rendered snapshot of the proposed and the existing terrain. I then created a viewport for them and put them on a Sheet. However they only appear as wireframe in the viewport and won't render in open GL. Does anyone know why this could be? To get around it I am having to pdf the model and import it as a pdf but it goes pixelated when I do it that way. Thanks for your help!
  6. I am trying to add plant tags in a design layer and all the labels are too small - how do I change them? Thanks.
  7. I have created an existing and proposed terrain and obtained figures for the cut and fill. Is there then a way of finding out where the cut and fill areas are? Thanks
  8. Can Vectorworks be used to do viewshed/Zone of Visual Influence analysis(ZVI)analysis?
  9. I wanted a long wiggly 1.5m high hedge line to wrap over the terrain. Is that possible to do?
  10. I have created a proposed and exising terrain model and created 2 snapshots of the proposed and existing terrain. I have created 2 viewports for them and put them on a Sheet. However they only appear as wireframe and won't render in open GL. Does anyone know why this could be?
  11. Can font kerning be added to the next VW version as per Illustator? It would be really helpful.
  12. Are you part of the VW development team then? Do requests from users get implemented?
  13. I am new to Vectorworks and also use Illustrator which as you say does it easily. Are you a long time VW user?
  14. I need to use Frutiger on my maps. It looks OK on the screen but it doen't print correctly. Any ideas? Thanks Gilly
  15. Is there any way to change the spaces between the letters in fonts? Thanks Gilly
  16. Thanks Wes - as you rightly said, it was a layer scale problem. All is resolved now. PS This forum is so helpful!!
  17. I am trying to snap to objects in a reference file and can't snap from a different layer. Can it be done? Please can you help me!
  18. Sorry for being a bit uninformed but I am new to Vectorworks. How do I make a hedge in the first place?! I had been using massing models but I have Landmark so I imagine that there is a much better way? Thanks
  19. Hi How do I draw a 1.5m high hedge that follows the terrain? Thanks if you can help! Gilly
  20. Can anyone tell me how to draw a zig zag line and a fence/railway line? I am a relative newcomer to Vectorworks and would appreciate the help! Thanks. Gilly +++++++++++++
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