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  1. MC4

    VW 2015 in MacOS High Sierra, strange problems

    I have been running VW 2015 in MacOS 10.13. no problem
  2. MC4

    VW 2015 in MacOS High Sierra, strange problems

    Thank you for your response! So I guess I need to look further to see what problems will come up. some 2015 users can't even get it to load, I wonder why I can. One thing is my new iMac is all SSD .(256 Gigs) reading around, I note that one of the distinguishing factors of High Sierra is "When you install macOS High Sierra on the Mac volume of a solid-state drive (SSD) or other all-flash storage device, that volume is automatically converted to APFS. Fusion Drives, traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), and non-Mac volumes aren't converted. " I don't really understand how the new APFS works, but I wonder if the fact that my iMac is all SSD has something to do with my success with 2015 on High Sierra? continuing to test.
  3. MC4

    VW 2015 in MacOS High Sierra, strange problems

    I just got an iMac 27 2017 with 256 SSD. it came with 10.13, High Sierra. I have VW 2015 sp 4 I don't seem to have these problems . it loads, sheet sections work (in a small test) I wonder why? since VW says 2015 is not compatible with High Sierra.. will I get other problems? any idea?
  4. MC4

    High Sierra with 2015

    I have just purchased an iMac 27 with 256 SSD. it cannot run an earlier system than 10.13. I have VW 2015 sp 4 and it loads just fine even though it is not officially compatible. I'm trying to determine to what degree I can count on it to work (I mostly do 2D , with viewports) . Does anyone have experience , or knowledge about where the problems might come up? Does the fact that it loads fine mean anything? I am a little discouraged that the official line is that I have to buy a new VW Architect 2 years after I just bought one.
  5. I am using Mac 10.11.6 . Regarding the Service Pack , I got the latest one...Where do I find this info?
  6. last night, my VW 2015 no longer displays the color palettes to choose a color to fill a shape, a square for example. Does anyone know how to resolve this? I can use the eyedropper tool to choose a color already displayed and drop it into a shape. But I can't choosee a color as I normally do. cannot put color in this square .vwx
  7. I have a similar problem . VW 2015 crashes when selecting a texture for an object
  8. MC4

    Basic Site Modeling using contours

    Did you ever receive an answer on this? ..I have the same problem...


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