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  1. Hey mike m oz Unfortunately it says: Windows version not available Where can I find the plug-in for windows?
  2. Thanks a lot, nickdsa! "Group Visibility" already works fine! "Linewighttoggle", is that the plug-in to replace existing line thicknesses? I was looking for a plug in to 'zoom line thickness' as you can find it in Preferences. Do you have this one as well?
  3. I downloaded the Toggle Group & Line Thickness tools from http://www.vectordepot.com/PlugIns1.shtml and followed the instructions (i.g. copy into Plug-In folder & and drag into current workspace). Following error occurs: "???Toggle Group View Pref not in Plug-Ins folder" Is there a different Plug-In folder for these toggle tools? Because they definitely are in the Plug-In folder in which I have also copied "Pt2PtCopy" tool. And that one works fine. And what does "???" mean?
  4. Robert >Once you change the note in the database, I think you have to use the "reconcile notes" command.< I've tried to use the "reconcile note" command but it doesn't update any notes. I get the feeling that this command does not recognize the notes written in viewports as annotations.
  5. I'm desperately trying to update my placed Callouts with database notes after I did some changes to the database. In VectorWorks Help under subject:"Notes Management with Databases" it is stated as following: "After placement, notes can be easily updated if changes are made to a database." But where/how exactly can I do so? I thought it is one of the main benefits to work with Callouts on database basis. So that when you add some text to a specific note in the database, all the notes (already placed)in the drawing and related to this spec. note will change immediatly or at least can be updated without clicking on each one of them. Would be a great help if this is actually possible!!!! I'm still working on VectorWorks 12.5.1 if that makes any diffence.


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