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  1. Modify>Convert>Convert to MultiCircuit I use Steve Shelley's Field Template Symbols. He has an excellent description of how to use Multicircuit units in the how to guides with the symbol package. I select the cyc fixture portion and insert it into the drawing. I then select the next portion of the fixture and insert it. I do this for as many sections as are needed. Once all the parts are in the drawing, I move them so they are all attached to each other. Select all of the parts, then modify>convert>convert to multi circuit. You can enter all of the data and then group the fixture (or not as you see fit). I hope this helps! John
  2. I have two different workspaces that I use. One for a single screen and one for a dual screen. The laptop screen is always screen two on my desk, so I am always able to see the VW main screen. John
  3. When you export to DWG you have to choose to export either classes or layers to the DWG layers. You can choose to export VW layers to different DWG files. Because VW has both classes and layers, if you know that you are going to be exporting to DWG, you should choose how you will organize your drawing. Take care, John
  4. I will place 2d symbols into the Symbol Key and Legend. I don't like the way VW generates the Key, so I make my own. I place as a 2d symbol so it doesn't get confused with my export to Lightwright. The issue that I am finding with 2009 is that when I go to insert an instrument for the first time when I start, the tool defaults into "pick-up and make active" mode. Once, I switch to insert, I am fine for the rest of my session. Take care, John
  5. Hi, I have had similar problems. The solution that I found was the move to back command on the position that was taking control. It is tricky because then other things want to take the position of the new "front" position. Hope that helps! John
  6. Hi Michael, I opened the file with VW09 and both units showed their unit numbers. The fresnel has a solid fill the scroller has no fill. Is it possible in the original file that you had moved the class for the unit number behind the fixture so that the unit number was obscured by the fill in the fresnel? Take care, John
  7. Sam Jones has a whole set of motor tools for Vectorworks. www.autoplotvw.com is the website. Motor symbols and scripts. Take care, John Palmer
  8. I'm sorry if I am being obtuse, but how do I change the name of the VectorWorks application? I just upgraded to 2008, and I had the OpenDWG Library Error 309. I can open some dwg files but I have a 3d model file with xrefs that won't open. I believe that I have all of the xref files. I am trying to get this worked out. Thanks for any help! John
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