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  1. sorry for my delayed response. we are running on 64 bit. i've added a signature now. i'll give the XP compatibility mode a try, see if that helps
  2. We have recently upgraded our windows to 'Windows Vista Business'. Whenever we try and import/export from Vectorworks 12.5.2 a box comes up stating: 'Insufficient Memory: At least 78932K of additional memory must be available to initialize export....' We are totally unable to import or export any drawing. Is this a problem with Vista or Vectorworks and what is the solution???!
  3. thankyou! i switched the custom import options to 2D and all the text has appeared
  4. I am importing a dwg from a colleague who uses AutoCAD 2007 LT. I am using Vectorworks 12.5.2. Everything imports ok but all the text and dims are missing. They are not hidden on any layers and i've asked them to export using earlier versions but it makes no difference. Does anyone know of any solutions to this irritating problem?
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