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  1. I am having difficulty making my Site Model, whenever I validate my 3D data it says I have overlapping 3D polygons. So I try to edit the group and instead of highlighting the problem area it highlights the entire site model. I'm not sure how to fix the problem if it won't highlight it. Any suggestions?
  2. When I imported the survey as a dwg all of the polylines (contour lines) turned into polygons. I converted them one by one to 3d polygons and gave them elevations and was able to create a site model from there. I thought you could import drawings and the site model could be generated from given information. When I create hardscapes how do I get them to generate at a certain elevation and get the site model to respond to that elevation? I set it at a certain elevation and the site model did not respond.
  3. I am new to VW and have VW2008. I am trying to create a site model from a survey done in AutoCAD (dwg). Every way I insert it into VW I am unable to create any sort of site model. How do I accomplish this. Am I unable to import a dwg as a survey under AEC-survey input? Even when I bring the contours in as polylines (or polygons) converting them to 3d polygons fails.


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