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  1. I'm running VW12 under Ubuntu 8.04 under Wine and it runs great! Bummer is that VW2008 does not (at least yet...)
  2. 've got a script that uses the Keydown() function to halt execution - I also use the GetLine() function and have found that once I've called GetLine() I no longer can trap a keyboard hit. Example: BEGIN WHILE NOT KeyDown(keyHit) DO BEGIN getLine(Px1, Py1, Px2, Py2); END; Execute additional code..... END; If the users hits a key execution is terminated from GetLine() and I can not execute the additional code as the entire script has termintated. Thanks for any guidance you can offer.
  3. I've found that in general Acrobat 5 is REALLY slow, however, we've also found (under windows) that the VW print engine is WAY faster. We commonly do check sets to an inkjet printer and, previously, had to use acrobat to print as it would take forever. Now we just print directly. This appears to be a problem w/ acrobat 5....
  4. I have had the same problem w/ Architrion files. Several suggestions: 1. Check the DXF file in a text editor and be sure that it starts as follows: 0 <-- first line SECTION 2 HEADER .... .... ENDSEC 0 EOF <-- last line Often I find jiberish at the start and end of the file that AT has inserted. Also VERY common w/ MAC files from DXF. 2. Try exporting to an older version of DXF like 12. Sometimes the newer DXF translators are buggy. Good Luck
  5. Is there a way to get text from a Word document in to a VW drawing? For example, editing general notes in Word and them placing those notes on a plan sheet. Currently (VW 8.5.2) you can't import or cut/paste w/o the text loosing format.
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