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  1. Not really a preference but...Apple V = Paste In Place - because that's the way I am...

    I leave "Paste" as a drop-down so that I know that I'm intentionally NOT pasting in place


    In the "old days", did the number of Undos have a memory usage component?


    Just as an aside...I do alot of demonstrations, training, etc. where I need to represent "what ships" so my workspace is "stock" - no smoke and mirrors...I also run the "shipping build"...




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  2. @Kai1...Saved Views are your friend!  They can toggle classes and layers as well as both the layer and class controls (like Show Snap or Active Only), they can return you to the exact view with the appropriate render style, they can jump you from design layers to sheet layers etc. etc....very powerful feature not to be overlooked!


    I've attached a screen shot of some saved views that help me quickly navigate my file(s)




    Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 11.57.25 AM.png

  3. @MaltbyDesign, a quick way might be to use the Extract Surface command to get a surface from the underside of the roof, then Extrude that. Now you have two solids whereupon you can use Subtract Solids keeping the original shelled object.  I believe the "Fit Walls..." command ONLY works when clipping walls, however you CAN use objects like extrudes to do the clipping


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  4. @mgebel, the username that Project Sharing uses is the computer name.  I would use all the same version and run it all over one sharing service - I believe we recommend DropBox.


    Here are some other recommendations:

    Turn off project file backup when using dropbox
    Project file must be in a folder and the folder must be shared not the project file.
    Set the sharing permission at the folder level



  5. @Amanda McDermott...not sure the extent that you're designing the building but I'd build the building first with the first story elevation set at 0'-0".  Then after you've established what the "real world" elevation will be for that first floor, you can enter that number into the first floor story elevation - you'll be asked if you want to "Move All the Stories Above" where you answer "Yes" and all should work out.


    An alternative is to not use stories at all and just build your model as outlined in the instruction set for "No Stories, No Problem"

  6. @tekbench...just remember, if you want to give stories a go, you MUST use level-bound wall styles so that they will "know" what/where to "look" for a given level.  It also helps in many cases, to create an additional story above your normal story set-up so that the walls on the upper-most floor still have a "Underside of Structure [Story Above]" (or whatever you choose to call your levels) to bind to...otherwise, those upper-most walls will be flat (no height)


    As always, let me know if you run into difficulty and I'll try to help you get sorted



  7. @VinceCastanon  You originally had your Datum set at the framing component of the roof (which makes perfect sense !).  I merely changed the datum up to the Sheathing component.  You'll need to chase that around the model to see if it truly  IS a solution, but it did seem to work on my initial test.


    Good luck!




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