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  1. When "Edit Group" is entered, it would be nice to be able to see surrounding geometries
  2. It would be nice to NOT have the small line segment in the middle of the plan when "Use Gapped Line" is utilized
  3. It would be nice if these only showed in ELEVATION/Hidden Line only as I don't really need them to show in my (3D) model
  4. It would be quite useful to allow these to appear in elevation
  5. On a Mac - Apple/Shift 4 creates a marquee controlled picture on your desktop, Apple/Shift/Control 4 copies a marquee controlled picture to your clipboard
  6. Here's what I get... If I set my default to 12 point in a design layer of 1/4" = 1'-0" and I copy and paste that dim to a design layer of 1/8" = 1'-0", the size of the font is now 6 point. I typically draw with Snap to Object, Snap to Intersection and Smart Points turned on - I can snap to objects of the same scale on different layers but not if the layer scale is different... Oh and what Keith said...
  7. I think there's one that ships wit VW - Shingle wood irregular (or sim.)
  8. Dimensions can be customized by going to File >> Document Settings >> Document Preferences >> select Dimensions (the middle button) in the lower left select Custom >> select New >> name your intended custom dimension set and click OK. Now select Edit and you should be presented with a panel allowing you to customize your dimensions. Dimensions take on the font style and size set under the Text >> Font and Text >> Size menus and can be easily altered there. Is your Constraints Panel set up to allow snapping?
  9. You can also turn off the red squares by going to View >> Show >> Show or Hide Constraints
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