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  1. Hi Robert, As J Lucas suggests, you should use the power of referencing to get the job done (it will also keep the file size to a minimum). Yes, you will be able to "cut" all of your elevations and sections from the "master" file (the one with all the buildings and site incorporated into it) You might want to do a small test file first so you "get the hang" of referencing and manipulating the viewports. Let us know how it goes. Wes
  2. If you can replicate/duplicate the problem. maybe it's time for a bug submit?
  3. Hi lucylou, Have you tried moving everything near(er) to the origin as suggested above? Can you attach a sample file? Wes
  4. Wes Gardner


    Like Mike says, extrudes will get you there, I've also used extrudes for beams, etc. and in several cases, made a hybrid symbol with the extrude for 3D and a dashed rectangle for 2D.
  5. Are your layers set to Active Only and you're not "on" the right one?
  6. Just move the drape UP by about 10 or 12 mm and it'll start rendering correctly - right now the drape and the roof surface or co-planer so Vectorworks can't figure out which surface is "higher" making rendering a bit odd
  7. Hi Brent... It's fairly straight forward - select your roof and dormer to make them active (to select multiple objects, hold the shift key down then click on the object) You should then be able to go to MODEL >> 3D Power Pack and choose "Create Drape Surface" - you'll get a dialog box that basically is asking for how fine a "mesh" you want in your drape, maybe try the defaults at first and see if they're suitable. The drape is a 3D element so it can be textured - the texture I used is a stock Vectorworks texture called "Shingle Wood Irregular". This can be applied by dragging it out of the Resource Browser and onto your drape. (You may have to first get it from the Library) You may have to adjust it's Mapping in the Object Info Palette so it maps ACROSS rather than DOWN the slope of the roof - play with it a bit.
  8. The Attributes Palette for doors and windows should be set up thus: ? Fill Style-by Class, ? Fill Color-by Class, ? Pen Style-SOLID (NOT by Class), ? Pen Color-by Class ? Thickness (Line Weight)-NOT by Class ? These settings will allow the line weight set up in ?Use Part Line Styles? dialog to show correctly in sheet layers ? don?t forget to bump up ?Wall Lines? line weight for RCP (Controlled by Ceiling-Main Class). The ?Sills? class can turn off the door swing for RCP?s
  9. Go to MODEL >> 3D POWER PACK >> Create Drape Surface... You must have what you want "draped" picked before running the command
  10. Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner! In the file I downloaded, if I move the walls and floor back near 0-0 all seems to be well Thanks Ray
  11. You can however copy and paste CAMERAS...maybe that'll help?
  12. No joy here either...I downloaded the file and can create/view the problem but have no solution. I'll submit a bug report.
  13. I've also used a "Click here before Print" saved view that toggles on my "Notes-Sheet" class where my drawing border and title block lives as well as all the other appropriate classes/layers before I go to Sheet Layers.
  14. I use Saved Views a fair amount when switching from designing/building the model to viewing - I get Saved Views to do all the work for me in turning on the appropriate Classes and Layers, toggling on Stack Layers, setting the camera view, etc. Also, when demonstrating files, I can get the correct amount of zoom, centering, etc. making the demo smooth and reliable.
  15. Hi lucylou, Can you attach a sample file?
  16. Hi Matt, If you go to Document Settings >> Document Preferences and choose the Dimension button then hit Custom and create and Edit a new dimension style, you can probably get the look you're after.
  17. In the cell where you want the total, just type in the database cell reference number preceded by an equals sign - like =H3 or an easier way is to click on the cell where you want the total, type an equals sign then click on the database cell...both do the same thing
  18. Has this been submitted to Bug Submit? If not, it would be good to include your examples... Thanks
  19. The "Bat" dormer settings seem to have some issues...the piece of wall above the springline of the curved-top window doesn't seem to model correctly. The dormer returns don't seem to model at all... I've submitted a bug.
  20. I'll submit a bug for this issue. Thanks for calling it to our attention. Wes
  21. Up at the top left find "New Reply" - type your text answer in the text box - look near the bottom left and find "File Manager", you'll get to a dialog box where you can browse to the drawing you want to attach and then click on Add File, when you're finished click on Done Adding Files.
  22. Hey look, I have one of those too...wonder what it means?
  23. Maybe post up a small test file so we can see your settings...


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