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  1. Unified View quite possibly has the most impact on the architectural community where layers have significant elevational implications ? particularly in multi-storey buildings. This is where Unified View can really shine providing the user with the ability to work ?across? layers with Show/Snap/Modify Others turned on. Every element within the drawing becomes available and pre-selection can give you a visual clue as to whether you?re on the Active Layer or not. Very handy, very quick?
  2. Hi Jeremy, If it's just a matter of setting a beam in the model and have it appear as a dashed line above, look at the attached file using a Framing Member out of the Detailing Tool Set
  3. Hi Jeremy, Following your lead as you've suggested - I still go with the "old Skool" approach of whatever is clearest to portray the information to the contractor. See example where I've indicated structural stuff in both the floor below and ceiling above. This sketch is the second floor of the building - the first floor carries the same information in its ceiling regarding the LVL's. The purpose - so the contractor can't possible miss the fact that beam needs to be there. This is just 2D info...
  4. Yes, I beleive everything we show can be done in Architect (with Renderworks). The reason I hesitate is that I'm running Designer but I think in this case, everything is done in the Architect workspace, no "post-processing required." We created the worksheet(s) by starting with a blank one and wrote the formulas to produce the results. We can (and will) make that/those worksheet available.
  5. Here's a idea on how to add annotations and where... If the info is unique to the detail - add it to that particular drawing in the viewport If it's going to be shown on more that one sheet, add it in the design layer in an appropriate Class so it can be toggled on or off.
  6. Maybe try turning off the "Sills" and "Ceiling-Main" class??
  7. Hi Uli, The Dimension Class really has no advantages over any other class. It is one that is automatically created along with the "None" class. Dimensions will automatically be placed there but you CAN move them to a class of your choosing. Hope this helps Wes
  8. Hi, I downloaded your file and could view your window but when I went to create one, I couldn't get mine to fail... What build are you on? Wes
  9. Hmmm, I downloaded the test file, blew the roof away, created a new one and it worked fine.... Maybe it's a student version/PC thing - I'll follow it up, in the mean time, use Ray's solution... Wes
  10. I tried to make mine fail and couldn't - see pic - can you supply a small test file? Wes
  11. Try this: Go to Tools > Options > VW Preferences and under the DISPLAY tab, you can choose "Display Light Objects" - Only in Wireframe OR perhaps Never.
  12. Hi Guys, Didn't see this post until just now, yup, I concur with Peter - I build my dormers from walls and roofs, mainly for the graphical flexibility, etc. But yeah, Carl if you want to post-up a test file here or e-mail me directly, we can get to the bottom of this - mine seems to work OK wgardner@vectorworks.net Wes
  13. Hi Carl, Frustrating....here are a couple of screen shots from my Mac based 2009. The first shot is just as you said, you CANNOT directly enter data into the slope field, BUT if you TAB down from a field above, you can (see Second pic) Let us know what you find out. You can always email me a test file and I'll take a look and/or pass it along to the tech team. My e-mail - wgardner@vectorworks.net Wes
  14. Try this - start with one of the fields above the Slope field and TAB down to the slope field - you should then be able to change the value in that field.
  15. Hi Peter, I'm not quite certain what version of VW you're running, but currently... To have the dormer window appear in the window schedule, you need to edit the search criteria in the Database header row of the worksheet to include "Symbols". See attached
  16. Also make sure you're in TOP/PLAN view (for 2D), not TOP view(for 3D) See examples
  17. Hey Charlie, Here's what I get after running a couple of simple circuits. My home run tags seem to hang fairly close to the arrowhead(s) and can be edited/relocated by double clicking.
  18. If you use the "Architectural and Structural" option, you'll have a space to insert a Column ID which can then show on a worksheet. See attached...
  19. Hi Keith, Here's what I did - first I Purged then I deleted the record format "TitleBlock Record-Arch" and left the ESES TitleRecord... That seems to solve the issue... Here's your file back. Sometimes I've found that when you add a new sheet, once added, you have to go to another sheet that's already been created, click on the title block, get the dialog box and then just exit out of it - this seems to make the info "take" in the title block of the new sheet In this file, when you add a new sheet using the drawing boarder, the tb will be there - you'll need to use the above method to get the data... Wes
  20. Try this - Choose one of the parameters ABOVE the Roof Pitch in the dormer editing dialog box, then TAB down to Pitch whereupon you'll be able to change it...I believe this has been rectified in later versions, but that's the workaround... Wes
  21. You do know that if you use Extrude Along Path, the crown will "self mitre" at the corners, right? See image
  22. Yup, Just single click the object then go up to the Text pull-down and pick a size
  23. Hi Yoginathaswami, If you e-mail me at wgardner@vectorworks.net, I'll try to get you going. Something that's a bit unclear is to do any circuiting you have to set a panel FIRST - to do that go to the VW 2009 libraries and find the "Object-Building Services" folder and in that find "Electrical Panels-Imp.vwx". In the Resource Browser choose "Breaker Panel" from the symbols folder and then select the appropriate size and type of panel board. Insert this in your drawing. NOW you'll be able to use the Circuiting Tool and schedules. See simple layout with panel schedules... Let me know how else we can help. Thank you Wes
  24. Hi Carl, To post images, you must use the "New Reply" (not Quick Reply) - once you select New Reply, at the bottom to the left, you'll see "File Manager" (mine shows up in blue), click there and you'll be able to browse and add files, images, etc. Wes


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