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  1. The simplest way is to class everything, then include or exclude that class in the "Edit Criteria" scenario in the worksheet
  2. 2010 ships with a wide array of crown, casing, base, etc. profiles - in '08, you'll need to create your own (trace an image or perhaps download a .dwg) Then follow Peter's steps - you'll often need to edit the profile and move the shape so it aligns with the "crosshairs" giving you the correct placement of your extrude. Experiment with it - it's a cool command!
  3. If you are trying to delete a row that's associated with a database, then yes, that's expected behavior - those rows can be identified by this format 2.1 or 5.14 or sim. If the row has a "whole number" as the row ID, you should be able to just right click on the row and say"Delete"
  4. You're correct - the Signs folder goes in the plugins folder, you should also have something called "Sign Location Planning.QTR", this goes in your Workspaces folder and will give you the functionality you're looking for.
  5. It could be a simple as renaming the .zip file to a .txt file BEFORE you upload to your ftp site - you'll then need to let whoever receives it know to rename it .zip, THEN open - this has worked in the past in a lot of situations. OR maybe try renaming the .zip file to one of the "allowable" upload formats
  6. If you need the length of, let's say crown molding or base, here's a little worksheet that does that based on Extrude Along Path and the 'Length' function
  7. Hey Razzman, Can you post up one of the smaller files to see if some of the folks here can have a go at it?
  8. Does the ID Label Tool (located in the Dims/Notes toolset) work for you? I believe if you tag the object as a window, you'll be able to enter Manufacturer's data, etc. just as if i were a PIO and have it appear on your Window Schedule
  9. The Framing Member Tool, Column Tool and Extrude Along Path can all produce "Length" that may help you develop a materials Cut-List
  10. Dang, The TB above will now allow multi-line but won't update...bug submit time! Wes
  11. Hi Lucy, Can you post the actual .vwx file. I can not make that happen on the "mac side" so perhaps it is some sort of video card issue. With the actual file, some of our pc folks will have a look.
  12. I have used ADDITIONAL Dimension Classes such as Framing Dimensions Dimension for Plumbing Rough-In, Dimension for Electrical Rough-In, etc.. I?ve also done phasing dimensions. Depending on the complexity of a project, this method can be beneficial to clearly show a specific trade which dimensions pertain to him/her. Once again, for me it?s all about making it as clear as possible for the contractor to build it (hopefully the FIRST time)
  13. Hi Christiaan, For the life of me, I can't duplicate that behavior. Can you post an example file? You can see in my example where the Sheet Layer Title is in brackets in the Layers pull-down, but it doesn't transfer to the Sheet Layer or the pdf of the Sheet Layer I've also included my/our Title Block file if you'd like to use it as a test.
  14. Hi Sarah, In addition, you'll get a dialog box similar to the illustration below when you modify a Class, just say "Yes" and things should work out.
  15. Hi Sarah, I left out a bit of info?so sorry. The way I?m controlling this is by either using the Nav Palette or the Organization Palette under the Tools Menu. Let?s say I use the Org Palette ? I select the Viewports Tab, then select the Viewport I want to modify, in the case of the file I sent to you, it?s called ?Mine VP? ? right click on the Viewport Name and go to ?Edit? ? in the ?Properties? dialog box, choose ?Classes? ? you?ll see where I?ve modified your ?People? Class and ?160 furniture general? class by double clicking and changing the fill or line color. See if that works? Sorry for the confusion Wes
  16. Hi Sarah, It might be that some of your source information does NOT have the attributes set "By Class"(Color by Class,etc.) There also seemed to be some broken links in the file, so I "fixed" it. This may mess you up but I think I can get the target file to do what I want. See what you think.
  17. Try this... Oops, had the glass on the wrong side, it's OK now
  18. Here's the link to the Spotlight vid http://download2CF.nemetschek.net/www_movies/2010/Tip_Tricks_Spot2010.mov
  19. Hi Andrew, Yes I will...coming soon to a Community Board near you.
  20. Here's a quick pic of an example file where the rebar is modeled using Extrude Along Path, a section is cut showing the location of the bar and a worksheet is created indicating the length of the bar.
  21. Hey Matt, Your request seems like a very cool and inventive way to utilize some of the tools in Vectorworks. I've attached a file for you to review. The Circuiting Tool will do a "Home Run" which I think is what you're looking for. Keep in mind, it was designed primarily for residential needs so you may have to "trick" it into thinking you need a home run. One method, using the Circuiting Tool is to select one of the recessed lights - it will ask you for some circuiting info like what position in the panel (Circuit #). If you double click again on the same fixture, it will ask you if you want this to be a home run. There are a couple of other reports in there that might night be relevant...
  22. Here's a link to our 10 favorite tips and tricks in Vectorworks Architect 2010. http://download2CF.nemetschek.net/www_movies/2010/Tips&Tricks_Arch2010.mov And we thank you for your support... Wes
  23. Hi Terri, Take a look at the two screen shots - to enter the Database Header Row, there's a small black triangular "down" arrow in the top left corner just below the red "X" of the worksheet that you need to click on. This will then allow you to set your search/limiting criteria so your worksheet will display only what you need. You can find additional help on discovering the power of Worksheets under the Help pull-down


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