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  1. Hi Sky, I think you're right... I'll report it as a bug. Thanks for pointing it out BTW, Ceiling-Main and Sills are classes created by VW for use mainly when creating Reflected Ceiling Plans. Ceiling-Main creates two parallel lines at the window or door head so your drawing will read correctly in RCP and Sills controls the door swing, also so your drawing will read correctly in RCP. Wes
  2. Hi Sky, Upon further examination, I can duplicate your issue by creating the Class Window-Spec manually, then if I go to the Window Settings dialog box and check the "On Schedule" box, then go to the pull-down there WILL BE two selections called Window-Spec. It seems however, that no matter which one of the Window-Spec classes you choose, your data WILL appear on the Window Schedule. I'll submit a report/bug to our engineers Thank you for pointing this out Wes
  3. Hi Sky, Initially I've found that you need to have "On Schedule" checked in the Window Settings dialog. This will then cause Vectorworks to create that Class. I'll try to re-create the rest of your anomaly... Wes
  4. Hi Sky, Could you post-up your version number, computer specs, etc. in your signature? It'll make it easier for others to fire-up the correct version of VW to try to duplicate the issues you're having. Wes
  5. Hi Pat, You may want to contact the friendly folks at InteriorCAD directly giving them specifics regarding make and model of your intended CNC process. From what I understand, some makes and model "speak to each other" better than others. I do know from my VERY limited exposure to InteriorCAD, it is a great piece of software for designing casework! Wes
  6. Wes Gardner

    Wall moving

    I can't seem to duplicate those conditions... Could you post-up what system, version, service pack etc. you're using and maybe a small test file... Maybe include it in your signature by going to My Stuff >> Edit Profile. Wes
  7. Wes Gardner

    Wall moving

    Could it be that you need to toggle "Enable Connected Walls" to OFF - see screen shot
  8. Bear in mind,in many cases in the Edit mode of Extrude Along Path, you can REPLACE the NURBS curve with a polygon or other shape if you choose not to edit a NURBS
  9. Hey bcd, If you could, please submit this... Thank you Wes
  10. I think there was an earlier discussion regarding this - make sure the thing FITS IN YOUR HAND and is comfortable. I use a fairly common corded Microsoft mouse because: it fits in my hand, has a nice scroll wheel (for zooming) and pushing down on it activates panning. Two button - pretty standard stuff... My wireless mouse ran out of batteries once too often at crunch time...
  11. Hi Petri, Can you do some screen shots/ post some files, etc. so we can try to understand the anomalies you are experiencing?? Wes
  12. Hi Sky, Looks like it's a bug...I'll file it. Thank you for pointing this out Wes
  13. Tim, Try this...there's a check box in the search/limit criteria - "Include components of: Check SYMBOLS" see attached... Wes
  14. Sill me, yes it works...I must have turned it on then off...sorry
  15. I reported this as a bug. Thank you for pointing it out. Wes
  16. Hi, I can't duplicate that at all - mine works perfectly... I've attached two images, the camera is set on the First Floor layer with a "height of eye" of 5'-0" and a "Look To" height of 30'-0". I get the same view (other than the background) on both the Design Layer and Sheet Layer. Can you post-up a simple file where you're having these issues, and perhaps state what version of VW and system specs? Is it possible that your camera is on another layer with its "Z" height set "way up (or down)" so you are looking over the top of the objects?
  17. My walls seem to stay joined (or not) depended on whether I have "Enable Connected Walls Mode" on or off. Here's a test file, can you make these walls fail, if so how?
  18. Hi, You can change the size of the Line End Marker (arrowheads) by going to the Attributes Palette (see Picture 5) and selecting the small "down" arrow beside one of the Line End Marker Toggles. At the bottom you'll see "Edit Marker List" (see Picture 7) - clicking there will bring up another dialog box where you'll be able to edit the End Marker (Arrowhead) size and shape.
  19. Make sure your Layer control is set to at least "Gray Others" - if it is set to "Active Only" you may not see the referenced file (although it will actually be in your target document) Your methodology is sound - you should be able to use your architectural plan file as the "target" file and your site model file as your "source" file. You'll then want to open your target file and create a reference using the "Create Viewport" scenario, creating a layer for the source info to "land in" - select External Document, navigate to the source file using the "Choose" button and hit OK. The source should appear in the target file.
  20. The tool seems to be stable in 010. Petri, I'll try to find out what the intent of the "Size to Wall Length" command is. By the way, is it convention to draw insulation IN PLAN? Typically, here in the home of the brave and land of the free, we draw insulation in sectional views. Wes
  21. Hey Jeremy, First add a node by selecting the 3D reshape Tool and then selecting the "plus" sign, then pick the top right node and drag a new one over to the left representing what will be the top of the slope, then select the reshape mode of the tool and drag the top right node down to create the slope... Step 1 is what you'll start with Step 2 I've created the "top of slope" node Step 3 Complete
  22. Go to a view so you can see the wall in "front" elevation, then use the 3D Reshape Tool to add a blue node representing the top of the sloped run, then drag the top (in this case right) blue node down giving you the slope of the wall. Harder to explain than actually doing - it's similar in functionality to the 2D Reshape Tool where you add and subtract nodes... You could also create a "roof" element and use the "Fit Walls To Roof" command See attached drawing
  23. Hi Christiaan, Just saw your post, and at first couldn't maker this occur, but while trying to solve a different problem, I got the same results. I'll report it as a bug. Thank you for pointing this out. Wes
  24. The batteries on my wireless died once too often in the middle of "crunch time" - 'nuff said... I use the standard Microsoft wired mouse - it seems to fit my hand well, has a good wheel (for zooming) and hold-down feature (for panning) and two buttons for left/right click


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