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  1. Sorry, here's the .vwx file in meters...
  2. In the image is an Extrude Along Path that could represent skirting or base molding. The Object Info shows 64'- 5/8" and I've used the "length" function in the worksheet to get that data into the report. I've also included the .vwx file Does this help? Wes
  3. In your criteria for the report, did you check "Viewport Annotations" See attached image
  4. As a follow-on to Jeff's idea regarding storefront, here is a screen image and a VW file using standard VW bits and parts. I deviated slightly by using the Mullion Tool exclusively for both horizontal and vertical elements for the storefront frame.
  5. How about one of these? I'm sure there are more possibilities
  6. Hi Jenny, Here's a model with some "mesh"on the ground floor made from a standard VW texture as Peter suggests - you only see the transparency in Final Quality Renderworks - it does allow light to pass through Wes
  7. First select an object, then under the MODIFY pull-down choose EDIT CONSTRAINT
  8. Here's mine...I first L-joined the two thicker walls and then "touched" the two thinner walls to them...
  9. In Vectorworks Preferences, under the Display tab, on a Mac turn OFF Quartz Imaging, on a PC it's called GDI You will loose transparency when you do this...
  10. The Issue Manager "knows" the date and can place it in selected drawings. I get my "sheet count" from a worksheet that does my "List of Drawings" Here's a screen shot... Wes
  11. Try this... For your Sections - in the OIP of the Viewport, go to ADVANCED PROPERTIES, then under the DISPLAY tab, check "Show Wall Components" In plan - in the OIP of the Viewport, go to the appropriate CLASS of you wall components and turn it/them on or off
  12. Here's a furnace I snagged from 3D Warehouse (there are more...)
  13. Alot of the furniture and other objects in 3D Warehouse can be imported into Vectorworks.
  14. Hi Tim, Couldn't replicate this...check out the example file...are you running the most current version, dunno if it's a ServicePak thing or not... Wes
  15. Couple of things - Floors can be textured differently on their sides, top and bottom Floors are recognized as such when using IFC
  16. And don't forget its equally powerful brother/sister - the 2D Reshape Tool Draw On!
  17. For you wildernessbob, a special command - try APPLE K Hope this helps Wes
  18. From time to time, I've even created a Class for "Model Only" walls or for "View Specific" walls and then drawn these walls with NO height so they'll look correct IN PLAN - you can even place windows and doors in these false walls. However, these must be tracked and Classed accordingly so they don't show up and "double count" in a door or window schedule. Flexible, intuitive... Wes
  19. @ Chris Rogers - Edit 3D Wall Hole, I believe was a '09 feature. I'm a little unclear on what you mean by "force windows to cut holes in walls that they don't seem to see?" Maybe attach a file or screen shot? Wes
  20. Hey Chris, Maybe this is a job for "Edit 3D Wall Hole" command... I tried a quick one and mine seemed to cut the wall as expected...see file Wes
  21. Hi Petri, Sorry, I didn't want to be misleading regarding terminology - I assumed the original post was about what we in the States call "timber frame" or "post and beam" - not our typical "platform" or "balloon" framing system that relies on many little tiny sticks all bound together with some tacks... See Picture - although not atypical, I can see how the architect/designer will want some control over how the frame "looks and feels" and perhaps how any/all of the joints are actually made - are they detailed in wood only or are they backed-up with steel plates and bolts. In conjunction with a structural engineer, I imagine an attractive and functional frame could be developed and presented to the client for approval.
  22. Hi Chris, You might want to start off by drawing your trusses as Extrudes then, as you've suggested, making them into symbols. For a truss, I'd draw in a Front or Side view in 2D, using the 3D elements such as your walls, etc as guides, then extrude the truss to whatever thickness is required. I'm a big proponent of classing everything so I'd class each element unto itself - then you have complete control over the look of your model (and eventual CD's). Wes
  23. Hi Sky, I think you're correct - it seems there's a limitation that places at least one baluster per tread...this stair doesn't have to meet code ???? Wes
  24. Hi Sky, I think I'd be tempted to model the upper platform (landing) as either part of the floor slab or an extrude and then "modify" the handrail to "go around the corner" or whatever is required of it. See attached image... Here's the vw file as well...
  25. Hi Sky, Yes, I can get the double entry for Window-Spec to appear in the Window Settings dialog box...see attached image. I've reported it as a bug, as you stated, it's confusing and needs to be rectified - the good news is that the window schedule will still respond to the data regardless of which one you choose... Thanks again for pointing this out Wes


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