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  1. @MaltbyDesign...mine seems to work OK.  In the Graphic Properties dialog, I set "3D Fill" to a Class (in the example it's called "Turf") and then in the class structure, set that class's Texture to something like grass and it seems to "take."  Additionally, when that class's texture is changed, the site model reflects that change.  This is when I'm using the 3D Extruded Contours option.  This kind of resembles that stepped look we used to get in A-school when we built site models from foam core or cardboard.


    Is this what you're trying to do?


    Additionally, if I use the 3D Mesh option in order to get smooth terrain, I had to set the 3D Triangles category also to the class called "Turf"."



    Test Site.png

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  2. @MaltbyDesign, I believe you're correct...there doesn't seem to be a way to input overall size (although you can choose Overall or Rough opening) and then "lock" the leaf size and let the remainder go to sidelight(s). It seems it's the other way 'round where you choose to have light(s) of a given size and then they decrease (or increase) the size of the opening intended for the door leaf. I'll put in an enhancement request for you.



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  3. @Zeno, I don't know if you'd be able to due to client confidentiality, but if you could post your set-up file so others could see, it might encourage folks to try.


    Maybe strip out all the geometry, sheet layers, etc and just leave the story set-up?



  4. @Eric Marin...here's a bit of a temporary solution for your curtain wall...in the Panel Settings, DO NOT set the Panel Fill to be "By Class", just set it to have a solid fill.  See the attached screen shot.  I've submitted a bug so that we can get the behavior squared away.


    Thank you for calling this to our attention





    Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 10.55.07 AM.png

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  5. As @Rob Nykolaishen says...it's probably a Unified View issue that you've accidentally toggled off.  In the future, you may want to consider turning the icon that allows you to toggle Unified View on/off OFF in your viewbar so you don't accidentally activate it...For me there is NEVER a reason to turn Unified View off...


    Also, be careful in your Saved Views as they have the ability to toggle Unified View on/off so you may want to check your settings there to...



  6. @HSP DanS...two things to do - First, the container class that those walls are in (01 Lines) has no fill - giver it a fill.  Second, select the walls and then under the Render tab, in the OIP, in the Mode drop-down,choose "By Component" rather than "By Object".  This will let you see the textures of the components in your walls


    That will fix it...


    Other classes have no fills...that's why other objects appear in wireframe even when you're in openGL  attached are a couple of screen shots and an updated version of your file.


    Let me know if you have troubles.






    Class with Fill.png

    Edited Class with Fill.png

    SECTION TEST v2019.vwx

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