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  1. @PeterYip Yes, that tool needs some love. An alternative is to use the Wide Flange tool in the "Detailing" toolset. There won't be any automation as far as joining but there also won't be any frustration as far as joining. Wes
  2. Wes Gardner


    Additionally, if you're using stories, Default Story Levels can be saved in a template for various building types (for example, parapets, etc. for commercial work). Also anything that can be styled - text styles for consistent "notage", window/door styles if you use a consistent frame size/shape/color/texture/class...etc. Then there are "Favorites" files that can include all of your most loved and used 2D symbols for details, etc.
  3. @Diego-Resuelvectorworks, I think there's a custom Data Tag that will give you the top of slab...head over to the "General" section and you'll find a thread about Data Tags up near the top... Wes
  4. @Werner Konings, I'm guessing here...maybe export out of Vectorworks directly from the design layer rather than from a viewport? Maybe scale the drawing in your design layer to 1:1 ? Wes
  5. @bquan...Let's first start with Default Story Levels...get those square away first. A level can include a layer or go "layerless"...you can see examples of each in the Default Story Levels dialog. THEN, when creating stories, include the appropriate level/layer combination by placing a check mark in the left column of the "New Story" dialog. Once you've created the appropriate Stories, hit OK in the Organization palette and this should save your set-up in the active file. You may also want to read the "Model Set Up" thread that's pinned at the top of the Architecture section. Wes
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    @jcrock..not specifically but you could probably adapt one that's close. Do you have a screenshot of what you're trying to create? Wes
  7. @Michal Zarzecki...yep, this is on a Mac... Happy modeling! Wes
  8. @Michal Zarzecki...the sequence has to be followed EXACTLY or you'll get the results you've mentioned - see video Wes Subtraction.mp4
  9. Funny, I've NEVER had that happen except when fooling around with Saved Views. My team and I work hundreds of hours a week in Vectorworks and I've yet to hear this as a complaint...maybe it's a keyboard shortcut that's close to something else??? Option Command L is the culprit keyboard command - funny like I said above, I've never accidentally toggled it off. I also eliminate it from the menu bar across the top so I don't accidentally toggle it...might be a good time to alter your workspace a bit and eliminate the keyboard shortcut. My keyboard still has an apple on the Command key so I sometimes call it the Apple key.... Wes
  10. @BohI DO know that if you use a Saved View, there IS a toggle to turn UV on or off...if you're using Saved Views to control the model/file, this is where to look...I don't know of other controls that will toggle UV off... UV is annoying and should go away... Wes
  11. @jcrock, here's a brief explanation of model set-up and a sample file for a split-level building. You might want to run through all the Saved Views as well as explore the Default Story Levels to see the initial set up. It's not by any means all worked out but hopefully will get you started. Wes Split Level Building Brief.docx Split Level Example.vwx
  12. @David J here you go... Wes Little Melton vwx -dwg conversion v2020.dwg
  13. @David Meagher...with Saved Views you can toggle back and forth pretty quickly...dunno if maybe some sort of DLVP (Design Layer Viewport) might help with alignment?? Wes
  14. @Andy Broomell, I played with it for a time last night and got what you're getting...just so you don't beat your head on the wall too long...I haven't time to do a thorough look-see but my guess is something's amiss... Wes
  15. Here's the stair broken out into most all of its attributes/classes I did a coupe of years ago...there are a few classes that can be combined I'm sure Stair Example.pdf Stair Example v2020.vwx
  16. @cberg, under the Graphic Attributes tab in the Stair tool...I typically leave these at the defaults for demo models (which this file happens to be) but you do have a few options here...and yes the stair is...ummm...
  17. @domer1322, yes, it's pretty much a plan-view solution...yes the stair tool needs an overhaul! Wes
  18. @domer1322, This is the way I've done it...I build the stair on the first floor's Slab Layer (that's just a personal preference that I use in my model set-up), then in the Stair dialog, under the 2D Graphics tab, place a CHECK MARK on Upper Floor and choose which layer you want the stair to appear on...that should do it... I think the stair in this particular project is linked to to the upper slab via the use of stories but I think it should work stories or not... Wes
  19. @michel.kierczynski@hotmail, here you go...two bitmaps and a .dwg file... plan in vwx v2020.dwg
  20. @milezee, the upper image might just be a matter of a couple of thin slabs that represent the wood floor (pick a nice texture) and the carpeted area (pick/create a nice texture). The lower image might be as Kevin has suggested or maybe play around with Marionette. I'm pretty sure there aren't any out-of-the-box solutions. Wes
  21. @andreas Ø, to move, once a dormer is set, double click on the blue node, you'll get a dialog. See attached. "Building Line Offset" lets you move it up and down slope, "Offset from corner" lets you move it side-to-side. I believe to duplicate, you need to create a new one each time. I'll file an Enhancement request to see if we can get some sort of "Duplicate" option. I consider the automatic dormer maker a conceptual tool. Once you get a general shape, you can "explode" it by ungrouping. You then have walls and roofs that you can additionally modify. Wes
  22. Cabinet Size tag Here's a tag that will show the size of both base and upper cabinets (without the dimension "ticks"). There are several configurations and of course, you can easily change the font size, whether or not you want a box around the data, etc. Check out the file...you'll need both the tag and the Record. The record lets you change from "B" for base to maybe "SB" for sink base, etc. (you'll find that function in the "Edit Tag Data" button in the OIP) Works on both design and sheet layers (in viewports in Annotation space) Enjoy Cabinet Tags.vwx
  23. @Steve Gill, not sure how you set up your EAP (Extrude Along Path), but the path itself might very well be the centerline, particularly if the profile is symmetrical. The EAP typically uses the center of the bounding box of the profile object. Wes
  24. @techdef, first I'd work on getting those joins to work better. Here's a bit on wall joining. Does this simulate it close enough? If you can't get it to go, post the file and we'll see if someone can help get it done. Wes Wall Joins.docx My Wall Joins v2019.vwx
  25. @John Vancouver in building demonstration files, etc here at the mother ship, a trick we've used when walls misbehave is to just go into the wall style and change something, then change it right back thus causing a "reset" or "bump" which can solve some odd issues... Wes


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