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  1. Top/Plan View? Swing and leaf by default are in the SILLS class, Wall lines by default are in the CEILING-MAIN class. Try a new file with "Enable Auto-Classing" turned on following the above scheme. File >> Document Settings >> Standard Naming >> Check "Enable Auto-Classing" report back...
  2. I would create a Wall Style for those walls. In the Wall Component Attributes dialog, (enter the Edit mode for that wall style and click on that particular component) place a value in the "Offset from Wall Bottom" field. Positive numbers will shorten the particular component, negative values will lengthen it. Keep in mind, ALL walls with this style will have that offset! Sorry about the American Wall Style and dimensioning.
  3. The textures all began as stock Vectorworks and with a little more bump here, a little more reflectivity there yields some interesting stuff, but yeah, they're all stock Veectorworks, the HDRI background was purchased because I like the cloud forms
  4. Vincent C - Nope, very few, the "Heliport" has a couple of stairs made with the stair tool and the railing around each helipad was made from the WindowWall Tool, everything else was modeled. The Sculpture Garden is ALL modeled elements....some of the elements, like the helicopter, were based in SketchUp imported into Vectorworks and cleaned up...
  5. You might try 3D Warehouse - you can import the SU model and then clean it up as required
  6. You can also "take a section of a section" and thus, control the height of the "cutting plane. First create a VIEWPORT (not a Section Viewport) and place it on a Sheet Layer. Select FRONT view. Now cut a SECTION VIEWPORT looking DOWN at any height and Voila!
  7. Hi taoist, If you're interested in interiorCAD, get in touch with Tom Pearce. Tom is an old friend to VW as well as a talented woodworker. Here's Tom's email - Tom@Coronal.net Wes
  8. Hi, The plug-in door and window objects have flat square-edged trim with both thickness and width parameters. Other profiles can be created using Extrude Along Path. This holds true for any casing as well as crown and base.
  9. Can you attach a small file with one of the offending doors included? Also, it is most helpful if you include your computer specs and VW version in you signature.
  10. Dimensions are typically "auto-classed" into the "Dimension" class - make sure this is ON in the Class Over rides of the VIEWPORT.
  11. Have you inadvertently turned OFF "Show Lineweights" so that you are in essence fooling yourself with what you see on the screen vs. what prints? Maybe update the printer driver? Have you changed/upgraded any other hardware?
  12. I believe the "Send to..." option requires Renderworks...
  13. Nope, there's not...at least not that I know of...use Peter's methods...they work.
  14. Is the "SUM" feature what you're looking for? To use, drop the sum icon onto the DATABASE HEADER row...
  15. Hi Pat, Assuming you're using 2011, check out this screen shot...if you run a report and ask for "Spaces", one of the fields is "Ceiling Height" - the formula for that particular field is as shown in the screen shot. Hope this helps Wes
  16. Don't forget, not only must the poly be "closed", it must also have a FILL otherwise it will appear sort of in wireframe...
  17. The simplest way to add the area (or other data), EDIT the Symbol and just duplicate the number surrounded by the pound signs, then renumber it a discreet number. In the SETTINGS of the OIP you?ll find your new number where you can assign it a value in the ?Format Field? pull-down. I?ve included a file for testing?
  18. I believe I would NOT use the "auto-dormer" feature as its flexibility is a bit limited...it wants things to be symmetrical among other things...build your dormer from walls, windows and roof faces, then you'll be able to show it as required on the various plan views.
  19. Make sure the two Advanced properties panels are set-up as indicated...
  20. You are correct, 2D and 3D are much more inter-related in 2011. For instance, notice that in 2011 there is only one Selection Tool.
  21. Here's your roof plan back, try the roof face that I clipped then end off. Apparently, if you zoom way in, on your outboard corners, there's a bit of a chamfered edge...the tool doesn't like that...


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