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  1. Yep, lke Dieter says, color...maybe some gradients where appropriate, maybe hatches for floor covering and of course REALLY good line weight always makes a drawing pop
  2. Hi All, This is one of the items the industry team is looking to revise, possibly in the next release. Wes
  3. Hey Phil, If you want your Section/Elevation markers to show up on plan, go to the "Section Line Instances" button (down at the buttom in the OIP) of the section or elevation viewport and then go to the "Viewports" tab and choose which plan you want your section or elevation to appear on... Wes
  4. Hey All, There is a way to accomplish what you're trying to do using a combination of Layer Referencing and DLVPs. Feel free to email me directly - wgardner@vectorworks.net Wes
  5. I trick I often use is to put your model in a side view (in your case, the side that you want to have sloped) then draw a rotate rectangle at the slope you want, extrude it, go to top/plan to be sure it covers all the walls then run the Fit Walls to Objects command - you can then blow the extruded shape away...
  6. Hi Rob, As of 2014, no change...however we are working towards a much more complete and flexible window PIO. At the moment, I use the Corner Window function and then apply muntins as required. Wes
  7. Hi George, Since walls typically have multiple components, you'll need to create a Wall Style and set everything to "Use Class Attributes." You'll then be able to make any/all components behave the way you want. Check out the Saved Views in the attached file and check out the Wall Style... The thick line/thin line thing is just me experimenting - it only works in plan view as those two components will mess up your rendering(s) Wes
  8. I also try to set all my hatches to World based...
  9. No need to apologize, these discussions help you as well as other users as well as make it more clear to us where we need to focus our documentation/training/etc. Please, keep asking!!!
  10. Another workflow that Peter touched on regarding referencing is to keep the building separate from the site while you're are actually designing things - in this manner you don't have to care too much about elevations of building model vs. elevations of the site. You can set the elevation of the building model at 0'-0" for the first floor and model away...when you reference the building model onto the site, put the file in front or side view and move the building up or down to get the elevations right. You can break the referencing "links" and basically dump all you building model stuff into your site model at any time. Additionally, if your building is drawn "in Stories" the proper course is to reference the site into the building file - this we you will maintain the story connection in the Wall Styles, etc.
  11. An easy way to remember: Add and Clip Surface are 2D operations - you'll usually end up with a polygonal shape. 2D stuff typically STAYS 2D stuff... Add and Subtract Solids are 3D operations - you'll usually end up with a Solid Addition/Subtraction.
  12. Hi George, You may want to have a look at this file and its Wall Style. Toggle through the Saved Views to see how the use of "Use Class Attributes" helps the Wall Style. The Fat Line/ Thin Line thing is just me fooling around - it can only work in plan as it will bollix up your renderings. By the way, I typically suggest that Vectorworks has "linked" sections, not live sections. Wes
  13. Since Roof objects don't allow that rotation, maybe consider converting your object into a solid or NURBS-based object that then can be rotated to any angle
  14. Hi Christiaan, I might be mistaken, but I think the problem goes back to the original release. I know when I submitted my bug a while ago, I tried it in 2013 and all was well, then in 2014, there was the issue. Wes
  15. Hi Christiaan, I have seen and Bug listed same... Wes
  16. As Patrick suggests, Bay/Bow windows CAN be ordered as a single unit - they are REALLY heavy (the cost of hernia op will vary according to your area :-) We should be able to create these as a matter of course - I think all will agree they are a fairly common window type. Wish List...
  17. Hi Jim, Yes that is the current workflow. The alternative is to build up your storefront using a thin wall as the pane of glass then the mullion tool to insert uprights etc. Doors will insert into the "glass" wall. There are changes to all this on the horizon... Wes
  18. I agree, something's up with OpenGL. Things don't show up...however, Hidden Line and Final Quality Renderworks seem OK. I CAN however edit the skylight to get it to close (Edit 3D Component, ungroup then rotate the glazed part to the closed position and exit editing function) I've included a file and a screen shot. Jim Wilson ??? You there or are you eating turkey? Sorry, we have this odd holiday over here...:-)
  19. In Solibri VIEWER by default Spaces are turned OFF. Look in the top right of Solibri...???
  20. Hey Rob, Can you post up a sample? I've tried to get mine to fail - even UNCHECKING stuff like 1st Level Space Boundaries still results in an exported space...
  21. How about this? Use the Wall End Cap Clip Mode....
  22. Hi Russell, Try running through the Saved Views of this file. Keep in mind the Fat Line/Thin Line thing is ONLY for Plan View as they will obscure the textures. One of the Saved Views has just the two outer boundary lines showing. You MUST set your Wall Styles up to "Use Class Attributes" for this whole thing to work. Is this what you're after?
  23. Another quick method of producing a perspective view is go to top plan view, hit Control Zero, the first click is where you set your camera (like if you were placing your camera on a tripod), the second draws sort of a rubberband line towards the object. You can then select the height of the camera, etc.


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