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  1. Hey Patrick, Here you go... File sent by independent email, enjoy!
  2. This is a 2015 option... Two Wall Styles The "back up" wall uses two components worth of concrete - the outer one set to "Follow Top Wall Peaks" The stone wall style is set to "Follow Bottom Wall Peaks" Wes
  3. Keep in mind, to take advantage of surface hatching in 2015, you WILL need Renderworks...
  4. Levels will let you bind not only the wall, but any component within a wall to a level. Levels CAN exceed the bounds of a story. A plan view is still dependent on layer settings.
  5. Hi James, Is there a way of getting the manager to see the previous issues and continue the numbering? Yes. This is done through the ?Edit Issue Data? button in the OIP when the titleblock is selected and not through the ?Issue Manger? found under the ?File? menu. See screen shot 1. When selected, you can edit the number of past issuances that you want to appear as well as add a new issuance. See screen shot 2. Can the approval space be activated? Yes. This is activated through the OIP as well when you select the ?Edit Revision Data? button. See screen shot 3. The behavior is a lot like the edit issue data. Wes
  6. Hi Niels, To create a section, use the "Create Section Viewport" under the VIEW pull-down. You have the option to show the marker with the section on your sheet layer. To show the marker in plan view, go to your sections sheet and click on the viewport that contains your section, down at the bottom of the Object Info Palette, choose "Section Line Instances", then choose the Viewports" tab whereupon you'll be able to choose which plan(s) to show your markers on. Wes
  7. Wall Styles set with"Use Class Attributes", then you can over ride the class in your viewports on your sheets to get the dashed-line look you're after. Embed all the classing, data info, etc. into the wall style once, then it becomes a resource to be used again and again.
  8. I think I'd still be tempted to do what the others have suggested but, for the small sets, get into the annotation space(s) and just paste a "fake" drawing name over the "smart" one with the "correct" scale for the smaller set(s)
  9. Hi All, Just FYI,there is a FREE download of a program called meshlab that can help you view your STL files... Wes
  10. Hi John, Couple of things...yes you can abandon stories, you may have to reset the binding condition of your wall style. If you'd like a quick tutorial on stories, give me a shout at wgardner@vectorworks.net, I can work with you on your file and/or send you a couple of things that'll get you moving. Stories really come into their own under two conditions: if you're expecting a bit a changing of floor-to-floor due to owners changing their minds or HVAC guys needs extra room for duct work or what have you OR if you're anticipating sharing your file via IFC, stories will "auto-map" your layers. Your call, lemme know, like I said, we'll get you moving in the right direction. Wes
  11. Hey John, When I first saw your post, I was going to suggest DeckWorks as it does offer some pretty cool automation. However, I do understand the cost issue and for one deck, unless it's a fairly complex one, it might not be worth it. Patrick's suggestion is spot on! Good luck, post progress pics... Wes
  12. Right click in the RB, then select New Resource in > Symbol Folder
  13. The mezzanine becomes a layer(s) within a story
  14. Hey Bruce, I still contend that if you're heavy into cabinets and casework, get the "XS" flavor of interiorCAD. I think it's reasonably priced and very capable + you already know the user interface as it integrates nicely into Vectorworks. Wes
  15. Hey Chris, You'll probably end up having to break the roof into roof faces, then you can add nodes and stretch away to get the vaulted ceiling in the space under the dormer. Wes
  16. Personally, I use the walls from below so to speak for the front face and then create walls for the sides, use either a Roof Face or the Roof Tool to create a roof and then Fit Walls to Objects to complete the dormer.
  17. @Christiaan - it's all Vectorworks...I've taken some of our stock stuff and added color, gradient, etc. I'll happily share...
  18. Hi Jerry, Yes it can and thank you for your explanation of just how to do it!...I've attached a rendered view of what I believe should be possible... I'd like to get with the engineers here on the home front and propose a bit of automation, like maybe the door could automatically cut back the brick veneer if there were a check box to "include brickmold" or something like that - wouldn't that be cool... I'll run it up the flagpole... Wes
  19. Wes Gardner


    You may need to modify your Workspace to include the tools
  20. Hi All, Attached is a document that may help clarify workflows involving more than one person working on a project. As the document states, Ruby and I have developed this using 2014 Sp3. Wes
  21. Another method is to store your custom slab styles as Favorites, then once you've run the "Objects from Shapes" command to create the Unstyled slab, just double click on one of the styles in your Favorites and voila!
  22. You'll need to get into the worksheet and make the Database Header row visible. Once there, highlight the database header row, then go up to the small sort icons in the top left and choose one that sorts in either descending or ascending order. For your windows, try turning on ALL classes IN THE VIEWPORT and then report back
  23. Hi Jan, You can also TEMPORARILY suspend snapping by holding down the Tilde key - such that you can start a wall snapped to a certain point but then hold the tilde key down to complete the operation such that you won't have to fight any snaps... Wes
  24. Temporarily disable snapping? In your Layers settings just select "Show" but not "Snap" others


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