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  1. @cberg, under the Graphic Attributes tab in the Stair tool...I typically leave these at the defaults for demo models (which this file happens to be) but you do have a few options here...and yes the stair is...ummm...
  2. @domer1322, yes, it's pretty much a plan-view solution...yes the stair tool needs an overhaul! Wes
  3. @domer1322, This is the way I've done it...I build the stair on the first floor's Slab Layer (that's just a personal preference that I use in my model set-up), then in the Stair dialog, under the 2D Graphics tab, place a CHECK MARK on Upper Floor and choose which layer you want the stair to appear on...that should do it... I think the stair in this particular project is linked to to the upper slab via the use of stories but I think it should work stories or not... Wes
  4. @michel.kierczynski@hotmail, here you go...two bitmaps and a .dwg file... plan in vwx v2020.dwg
  5. @milezee, the upper image might just be a matter of a couple of thin slabs that represent the wood floor (pick a nice texture) and the carpeted area (pick/create a nice texture). The lower image might be as Kevin has suggested or maybe play around with Marionette. I'm pretty sure there aren't any out-of-the-box solutions. Wes
  6. @andreas Ø, to move, once a dormer is set, double click on the blue node, you'll get a dialog. See attached. "Building Line Offset" lets you move it up and down slope, "Offset from corner" lets you move it side-to-side. I believe to duplicate, you need to create a new one each time. I'll file an Enhancement request to see if we can get some sort of "Duplicate" option. I consider the automatic dormer maker a conceptual tool. Once you get a general shape, you can "explode" it by ungrouping. You then have walls and roofs that you can additionally modify. Wes
  7. Cabinet Size tag Here's a tag that will show the size of both base and upper cabinets (without the dimension "ticks"). There are several configurations and of course, you can easily change the font size, whether or not you want a box around the data, etc. Check out the file...you'll need both the tag and the Record. The record lets you change from "B" for base to maybe "SB" for sink base, etc. (you'll find that function in the "Edit Tag Data" button in the OIP) Works on both design and sheet layers (in viewports in Annotation space) Enjoy Cabinet Tags.vwx
  8. @Steve Gill, not sure how you set up your EAP (Extrude Along Path), but the path itself might very well be the centerline, particularly if the profile is symmetrical. The EAP typically uses the center of the bounding box of the profile object. Wes
  9. @techdef, first I'd work on getting those joins to work better. Here's a bit on wall joining. Does this simulate it close enough? If you can't get it to go, post the file and we'll see if someone can help get it done. Wes Wall Joins.docx My Wall Joins v2019.vwx
  10. @John Vancouver in building demonstration files, etc here at the mother ship, a trick we've used when walls misbehave is to just go into the wall style and change something, then change it right back thus causing a "reset" or "bump" which can solve some odd issues... Wes
  11. @John Vancouveradditionally, I updated and rendered one of your elevation viewports...it looks fine...cool little building BTW! Wes
  12. @John Vancouver, when I opened your file and checked the classes, the component classes for the walls were OFF. Also no texture was assigned to the exterior cladding component of the wall. Once squared away, it seems OK? Wes
  13. @Christian Fekete, for some reason, your door doesn't seem to respond to "Leaf Type"...if you blow it away and set another, do you get the same? Wes
  14. @Christian Fekete can you post a file? Wes
  15. @John Vancouvercan you post a sample file so we can see what's up...the first thing of course is make sure ALL classes are on Wes
  16. @Andy Broomell It's the ONLY way I know or the "real" sill takes on the poche/hatch/fill of the jamb...it's the way the "factory" builds its windows. Sorry, it's a limitation of the current window. You could style up a couple of windows that work with "all the popular wall thickness" 🙂 Wes
  17. @Andy Broomell, here's the file...and your file too Window Jamb.vwx WindowQuestion_v2020 wg2.vwx
  18. @Andy Broomell...let me work on that...this gets pretty close Wes
  19. @Andy Broomellmaybe this... Wes WindowQuestion_v2020 wg.vwx
  20. @jcrock, I created a class called [Fat Line Class] and pointed the wall style (Bearing Wall 200mm) at it so it will use that attribute. Is this what you wanted? In this "simple" wall style that doesn't have components, you need to use the "Make All Attributes by Class" button as you've described but in the "Edit Wall Style" pane under the Insertion Options tab, you have to assign it TO A CLASS. For more complex wall styles that have multiple components, the Class in the Edit Wall Style pane (Insertion Options tab) becomes the CONTAINER CLASS and the attributes for the container class are assigned in the Wall Attributes pane (use the "Make All Attributes by Class" button.) You can then assign different attributes to your various components in the Component Edit pane (I've attached a screen shot that shows a wall style with multiple components) I've included your file with the adjustment Wes Villa No.2 wg.vwx
  21. @Boh...just FYI, when I first opened the site file, there was something "out in left field". I created a new file and referenced the Floor Plan file into it and it seemed to work just fine. I tried cropping out half the building and it still seemed to work fine..I DID NOT find the offending element "out in left field" Keep in mind, I'm on 2020. Wes
  22. @Boh, I'm trying to make this happen and can't get it to, I'm on 2020. I'll keep testing. Can you create a couple of simple files and post them? Wes
  23. @Frances, if I recall correctly, the best course of action is to go back to the Source file and move the objects there and then go to the target and update the reference. Wes
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