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  1. A couple of things -

    The roof should be on its own LAYER - generally I set that elevation at what will be the height of the top plate of the upper floor.

    When I create the roof, the Bearing Height is then set at "0" (which represents the height of the top plate)




  2. Years ago, the standard was to create .dxf files as alot of CNC equipment's software could read this file type.  With the advent of 3D printing, most of that equipment uses STL.  You could see if your particular choice will read that file type as Vectorworks creates an STL file.

  3. Zoomer et al,


    Don't think for a moment that we don't read your thoughts and consider them carefully.

    We do thank you!


    BTW, for those who work with layers only, I commend you!  Stories, to a large degree, were included to make transfer of info via IFC more automated.  If this is not in your workflow, rock on!


    I believe, in the tutorial, I included the brief instruction set for eliminating the Default Story Levels so that they will NOT appear as a binding option.  This may lead to less confusion as you won't see them at all.  Once done, save that file as a Template (.sta) and you'll be free!



  4. Yep, the easiest way I know is to set a Working Plane (shift 1 on the Mac) and then use the "guy with  the eye to "look" at it...works real well...

    Also, are you familiar with the "Automatic Working Plane"? The way it works is as you mouse over objects, their face will glow blue, you can then model directly on that face.  To invoke - choose any Basic tool (like a rectangle) and then go to the "Plane" control (right next to the "guy with the eye") and select "Automatic"


    Hope this helps - happy modeling




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  5. Hi All,

    To clarify, I don't think the framing member tool is path based.  Therefore, you'll need to do miters at the corners (which it CAN do fairly elegantly).  I'm still going with EAP and popping on end caps as required.


  6. Hi Fayth,

    Do you mean structural MODEL ?  You can use a number of tools starting with the simplest being an extruded shape or its "big brother" Extrude Along Path.  In the Detailing ToolSet we offer a Framing Member tool and for 2017, in the Building Shell ToolSet there's the Structural Member tool.  Between those, you should be able to create a framing model.



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