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  1. You can by creating a symbol and using the "3D Wall Hole" command as the object that does the actual cutting...

    What I do is create a simple extruded cube and create a symbol - this cube will be placed in a class within the symbol and turned off but is a "place holder" for the symbol.  Then choose to edit the 3D Wall Hole and in Top/Plan create your flared shape in 2D and extrude it 6'-8" positioning it in the wall as required.  Exit the symbol and turn off the class containing the original cube.  See attached file.  To complete the task, you'll need to create some 2D plan-view graphics to "heal" the wall around the cut...



    Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.35.52 PM.png


    Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.42.00 PM.png


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  2. Here's a link to the cottage file that probably got deleted when we switched to the new Community Board.  It does not have a SCREEN porch but one could be modeled depending on how detailed you wished to get.  The screen itself could be an extruded rectangle to a thickness of dot oh, oh thin with a screen texture applied.  The frames could be modeled from extruded elements as well.


    https://www.dropbox.com/s/956p0hsxve89ibc/Cottage Complete v2017.vwx?dl=0






    Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.37.37 PM.png

  3. I also kind of like to do this, where the building in the center is a "real" project and the surrounding buildings are just extruded "entourage."  But I think Jim, you mentioned sketching...I think this is something we'll always do...



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  4. Hi All,

    An update on the "Use World Z for Origin"  Apparently, this has been around for sometime...one of the issues that you'll find is that it seems to work just fine on horizontally oriented textures (and their associated surfaces hatches if you've included one) like clapboard siding, however, on board and batten, nope, it only "justifies" in the "Z" direction...I'll be looking into this further.



  5. Hi All,

    I'm not exactly sure when that little goody was added, I can find out if you'd like, but definitely for 2017, if textures aren't working between layers (misalignment), check there first.  I'll have to run a test to see if you can "make it stick" (as in saving it as a preference or in the wall style) or do you have to check each wall in the project.  I'll get back to you...


  6. Hey All,


    I think, above all, that you want to place the tag in a CLASS, then in the viewports, you can turn that CLASS on or off (or have it appear on the elevations).  Keep the windows "On Schedule" and just physically turn the tag off with its CLASS. Incidentally, if you do not have your window or door set to "On Schedule" you will not see it/them when you run your door/window schedules.


    I am a big proponent of CLASSING EVERYTHING so that you will ultimately have control of various items in your viewports.  This includes line weight, hatch, etc.



  7. Modern sailboats are pretty radical things...this is what competes in the single-handed, non-stop, round-the-world race that just finished up a couple of days ago. Time - approx. 74 days.  The boats are 60 feet and built mostly from carbon fiber (including the rig, sails, etc.), they are partially lifted out of the water to reduce drag (wetted surface) by foils that stick out on either side (they look kinda like end-plates on airplane wings - guess why???).  The keel can also be canted to help with the optimum heel-angle (it's that kinda yellow/green thing under water amidships.), they also have twin rudders (one is kicked up in the photo) and can sail faster than the wind on certain points of sail.  The pole that sticks out from the base of the mast that is angled slightly back is what "typical" boats would call a spreader, these allow the entire mast to rotate and in essence, become a part of the "wing" that is the mainsail.  They have no "conventional" spreaders.




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  8. How about this...


    Click on a wall to make it active then in the OIP, go to the Render tab, at the bottom select "Use World Z For Origin"




    Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 4.32.27 PM.png

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