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  1. @Abigail_ , I think Jeff Prince offers some very good suggestions.  Consider the use of templates as well as styled elements.  You might also read "Model Set-Up" that's pinned to the top of the Architecture section here on the forum...you can then compare that with "No Stories, No Problem" to help you gain an understanding of how and why you may consider using or not using these elements.  Keep in mind that CLASSES are all about the attributes of an object - be it 2D or 3D - line weight, color, texture, hatch.  And please, don't be afraid to post up here if something isn't working out for you - there are some very bright folks who can help clarify concepts.


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  2. @Mi&D, Hi there...yes, if they are inclined that will happen - Vectorworks cannot produce canted walls. Your best bet is to either model them from extrudes or try a roof face. If you can't get the 3D polys to behave,  you may be able to edit the 3D poly and get to the 2D poly that made it (or trace a 2D poly)?  If so, I would then try either roof faces of extrudes.



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