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  1. @willofmaine...not sure that you can other than placing the tag "inside" the symbol...I think I'd use STYLED windows Wes
  2. @Cammareri Landscapes - maybe a Vectorworks Preferences thing - General-Background-3D Views - in the attched image, mine is set to white... Wes
  3. @Vesa...not a stupid question at all...I believe the name is the computer's name? Wes
  4. @Markvl, yup, problem is still there...I'll submit a bug...I tried it in a new blank file with a completely UNSTYLED wall and it seemed OK...obviously not! Thank you for bringing this to our attention Wes
  5. @Markvl. I can't get it to mess up in '21...can you attach a messed up file ? Wes
  6. @Ramon PG, here it is in V 2016 format Wes Ugly House Layer Bound v2016.vwx
  7. @Ramon PG, Tech Support may be able to help you with that...
  8. @Vesa maybe this can help from Vectorworks University https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/scorm/player.php?a=343&currentorg=articulate_rise&scoid=686
  9. Maybe "Import Point Cloud"...I'm guessing here...or these file formats https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/index.htm#t=VW2021_Guide%2FImport%2FImporting_a_point_cloud_object.htm&rhsearch=Import Point cloud&rhhlterm=Import Point cloud&rhsyns= Wes
  10. Take a look at this... 18_VW00279_Workflow_Doc_NURBS_101_horizontal.pdf
  11. @Ramon PG, here's the file in 2017 format... Wes Ugly House Layer Bound v2017.vwx
  12. Hi, Take a look at this file's wall styles, then look at the classes that control them and look at sheet A1.1 where class overrides is shown Wes Ugly House Layer Bound.vwx
  13. Make sure the CLASS for the grids is ON in your viewport(s)
  14. Could very well be a bug...at first I thought the yellow/green band was your fascia
  15. Hey All, I usually just enter the Profile editor and move the profile to where the green and red lines cross...sometimes you have to flip the profile...no biggie...the concept is that the profile is extruded along the path at the CENTER of its BOUNDING BOX... Wes
  16. Looks like it's "hard coded" into the Dimension tool...hmmmm
  17. I don't think there's a way to selectively turn off the library parts Wes
  18. Wes Gardner


    You can also make adjustments on a "per wall" basis - go to the Components button in the OIP, click on a component and enter an offset - positive numbers will extend the component up and negative numbers will extend the component down...build a simple model to see the capabilities! Wes
  19. @zoeageorg looks like both of those are pretty complete packages - good luck! Wes
  20. Regarding a mouse, I just have a typical wireless logitech (yeah, I went wireless last year while living on the boat)...you can turn off the detent for the wheel/scroll if you want...sometimes I incline my mouse surface side-to-side with the low side being outboard...it doesn't take much incline to releave the tension in your wrist (for anyone with wrist pain, try that first....)...it fits my hand nicely...I also use the Space Commander or whatever that thing's called by 3D Connexion...but mostly when I'm drawing in Rhino....for Vectorworks, pretty typical mouse set up... Wes
  21. Try some lettering left-handed...my drawings were always smuged ... ūüėě Wes
  22. Hi All, In many of my projects, I set the Layer Wall Height to the most common height used on that particular floor and then set up my Layer Bound wall style to look for "Layer Wall Height". In the attached example, it's 12'-4" Wes
  23. Here's mine...sheet layer DPI is 600
  24. @bmaad..I think you can do it on the fly...However, the additional level will only be available in that story...you'd need to create another one in any additional stories...However, in your case, it seems you only need to add the additional level to just one story Wes
  25. @bmaad...one of the things that I don't like about the implementation of the stories concept is how the OIP can lie to you. Wit hone of the dropped walls selected, you can see how the OIP is telling you the bounding condition...That unfortunately is NOT the bounding condition for that particular wall...it's the bounding condition for the wall style. However, if you click on the Components button in the OIP, you'll see that particular wall has the bottom bounding set at one of the "Offset" levels which are intended to give it that 3 foot offset. The good news with stories is that it's very reliable when using this offset strategy - your walls and their components will always offset to the correct height/elevation. Wes


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