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  1. I usually consider the Dormer tool as a Conceptual dormer tool and end up ungrouping the dormer in order to achieve more realistic results. Wes
  2. @FBernardo you can create a site modifier (pad) that will remove a portion of the site to a prescribed depth. You may want to visit the Vectorworks University and have a look at several of the offerings pertaining to site models and site modifiers. Wes
  3. @Victor S here's a webinar that might help... https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/scorm/player.php?a=342&currentorg=articulate_rise&scoid=684
  4. @AnneSea - there are a couple of ways to approach the floor system (slab) to wall interface. You may want to look at the files and associated tutorial material in the pinned post called "No Stories, no problem." This speaks to using a Layer Bound system where no Stories are needed. You should also look at the other tutorial "Model Set Up" where a Level Bound system is used. Both have model files that you can download and have a look at how/why I put the model together... BTW, I would NOT use the Floor tool, I would use the Slab tool... (the Floor tool is an older tool and, although it has its uses for stuff like countertops, the Slab tool is far superior. I'm here to help if you need more " 'splainin'" 🙂 Wes
  5. @E|FAThe details are drafted...I think what you'll find is that you end up with a hybrid environment...some stuff is modeled and then embellished in 2D other stuff might be 100% 2D...I have absolutely no problem with drafting in 2D and placing it on a sheet, add some call outs and getting it out the door - quickest means to an end... Same with the pdf set - alot of that was drafted using the model as an underlay as you've suggested - once again, quickest means to an end...I can draft really quickly 🙂 Wes
  6. @mattryan honestly, I have no clue what's up with those windows...probably not what you wanted to hear...I created some new ones and they seem to work just fine...it's odd that you can't move yours or edit them??? It might be worth getting a hold of Tech Support and see if they can figure it out. In the mean time, I think I'd create new windows and move forward with your project Wes
  7. @mattryan yup...I don't need the entire project just a sample wall and window that are having the problem Wes
  8. @trearchitecture1 here's another file that was going to become a permit file and get built but I never got that far as I moved 🙂 As far as model set-up goes, it has some interesting Offset features to accommodate the stepped-down living room... Wes HillSide House Complete v2022.vwx
  9. @Vince Oles - you may want to contact Tech Support - they may be able to tell something from your Crash log Wes
  10. @E|FA not I - that's above my pay grade 🙂
  11. @AnneSea - are you talking about having the top of the basement walls meet up with the bottom of the first floor walls - in essence closing up the gap? All I did was increase the basement wall height to 9'-3". Depending on the level of detail, this might be enough...if not, we have answers 🙂 Additionally, you can close up the gap where the gable end wall meets the roof in your single-story portion - go to AEC > Fit Walls to Objects and tell the program what layer the roof is on Wes
  12. @KIT KOLLMEYER I find it's easier in the long run to just model the fascia (and class it accordingly) Wes
  13. Hi Matt, @mattryan can you post a wall and window that are having the issue? Wes
  14. @trearchitecture1 here's a permit set as a pdf for a house I designed and documented in Vectorworks back in '09. Wes PDF Set.zip
  15. @jnr , yes, I'm getting the same...bug has been filed...thanks for letting us know! Wes
  16. @Kate Smith, if your window is a symbol, you might want to try editing the symbol and rotating the window 90 degrees in plan view Wes
  17. Hi All, I wrote this several years ago in an attempt to explain how to show multiple buildings on one site. It also speaks to both methods of referencing. Wes https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/scorm/player.php?a=363&currentorg=articulate_rise&scoid=726
  18. Hi All, I believe that in its current state, the best method is Layer Import referencing. Wes
  19. @PatrickC, I don't know why it happens but I DO KNOW that it happens...it's a known bug and has been reported. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Wes
  20. @TOLYA S I assume you are using parametric windows from the Window Tool... You may be inadvertently picking up windows that are in your viewports...try UNCHECKING "Viewport Annotations" in the Criteria of the worksheet. To access - - double click on the Schedule to access the worksheet - Under View (of the worksheet), make sure "Database Headers" has a checkmark next to it - The left-hand column of the worksheet will have a row with a black DIAMOND shape (this is the Database Header Row - in the example, it's #4) - Right-click on the Diamond and choose "Edit Criteria" - you should see a screen similar to what I posted - uncheck the appropriate items - notice the "Objects that meet this criteria" figure - it should change... If this DOES NOT work, you may have accidentally duplicated windows...
  21. @TOLYA S the most straightfroward way involves a couple of steps - first, in the Window dialog, be sure that "Include On Schedule" is checked, give the window an ID - either a letter as you see in the illustration below, or a number... then under TOOLS > Reports > Create Report, choose to create Preformatted Report...scroll down until you find "Window Schedule", click OK and place the schedule on a sheet (if so desired)... Door Schedules work exactly the same... Enjoy Wes
  22. This might help in some scenarios...select the wall, on the Render tab of the OIP, select "Use world Z for origin" Wes
  23. @m_rbl , I too am having the same issue - a bug has been submitted Wes
  24. @Mark Aceto it looks like the only way to set the height of a pillar is to manually type in a height in the "Height" field - there is no automated method... Wes
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