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    No Stories, No Problem

    Hi All, Several folks have asked about model set-up and how to get started when moving from 2D to 3D and on into a BIM workflow. Here are some instructions describing how to set up a blank file and create layers, walls, etc. without the need for stories. There are two example/practice files that I highly recommend you "reverse engineer" the wall styles, slab styles, etc. so that you can see how the offsets work, etc. Also, read the instructions all the way through first. Oh, by the way, PLEASE let me know if there's a mistake or if something isn't clear. The Vectorworks files are in 2019...I can certainly back save them if you need. You may want to compare this set-up scenario to the one(s) described in the thread "Model Set-Up" where the set-up, which I call a "Level-Bound" set-up REQUIRES the use of stories. Enjoy Wes Layer Bound Simple.vwx Layer Bound Special Slab.vwx Layer Bounding.docx
  2. Wes Gardner

    Doors with Sidelights Width Determination

    @MaltbyDesign, I believe you're correct...there doesn't seem to be a way to input overall size (although you can choose Overall or Rough opening) and then "lock" the leaf size and let the remainder go to sidelight(s). It seems it's the other way 'round where you choose to have light(s) of a given size and then they decrease (or increase) the size of the opening intended for the door leaf. I'll put in an enhancement request for you. Wes
  3. Wes Gardner

    ceiling grid tool

    @Phil hunt, the trick is, once you place your grid, find the blue node....there's only one. This is the "relocation node" for lack of a better term...if you hold the Tilde key down, it'll smooth out moving the node, and therefore the grid, to where you need it. Wes
  4. Wes Gardner

    Extrude Along Path - why's my wall leaning over?

    @line-weight,Mine's not leaning over...I used a polygonal object and a NURBS curve as the path with Lock Profile Plane ON. I also noticed that your objects in the Untitled 23 file are about two hundred and ten MILLION units from the origin???? Wes
  5. Wes Gardner

    2020 Windows in top/plan vue : Bug ?

    @Eric Mousse, you may want to try getting into your Document Preferences and turning ON the "Auto display detail levels..." and then entering different scale factors so that your windows will appear how you want them. Wes
  6. Wes Gardner

    No Stories, No Problem

    @Zeno, I don't know if you'd be able to due to client confidentiality, but if you could post your set-up file so others could see, it might encourage folks to try. Maybe strip out all the geometry, sheet layers, etc and just leave the story set-up? Wes
  7. Wes Gardner

    No Stories, No Problem

    @Zeno, great looking model!
  8. Wes Gardner

    Glass in hidden lines

    @Eric Marin...here's a bit of a temporary solution for your curtain wall...in the Panel Settings, DO NOT set the Panel Fill to be "By Class", just set it to have a solid fill. See the attached screen shot. I've submitted a bug so that we can get the behavior squared away. Thank you for calling this to our attention Wes
  9. Wes Gardner

    Interior Elevation Lines in Rendering

    @Kristin Proeger...ooopps...my mistake, Unshaded Polygon doesn't offer that option...you may have to try another rendering style...maybe Artistic Renderworks set to either Cartoon or Lines and Shadows might get you there Wes
  10. Wes Gardner

    Interior Elevation Section Cut Hatch

    @Kristin Proeger...you may be able to get into the class structure of the viewport and do a Class Override for the class that object is in.
  11. Wes Gardner

    Interior Elevation Lines in Rendering

    @Kristin Proeger, you can try increasing the Smoothing Angle in the Object Info Palette for the viewport. Wes
  12. Wes Gardner

    No Stories, No Problem

    @J.Samuel...here you go...the instructions, a Word doc, can be downloaded from the OP. You may want to read them first. Wes Layer Bound Simple v2017.vwx Layer Bound Special Slab v2017.vwx
  13. Wes Gardner

    Glass in hidden lines

    @Eric Marin, yep, because you're using curtain walls...it's a know bug...sorry Wes
  14. Wes Gardner

    VW2019 OpenGL Graphics very glitchy

    As @Rob Nykolaishen says...it's probably a Unified View issue that you've accidentally toggled off. In the future, you may want to consider turning the icon that allows you to toggle Unified View on/off OFF in your viewbar so you don't accidentally activate it...For me there is NEVER a reason to turn Unified View off... Also, be careful in your Saved Views as they have the ability to toggle Unified View on/off so you may want to check your settings there to... Wes
  15. Wes Gardner

    Glass in hidden lines

    The two things that come to mind are: no fill in the "Glass" class or the "Glass" class is turned off in your viewport?
  16. Wes Gardner

    Glass in hidden lines

    @ Eric Marin...here's a Hidden Line rendering in a viewport which I believe is the default setting for "Create Section Viewport". Is this what you're trying to achieve? Wes
  17. Wes Gardner

    No Color in Viewports

    @JulieK, you may want to try restarting and see if the viewport still renders incorrectly. Wes
  18. Wes Gardner

    Model Set Up (Revisited for 2019)

    Hi All, Enclosed is a link to some model set-up material. There's a tutorial and some example files. It replaces the "Levels, Layers and Stories" tutorial. The folder called Model Set Up Worksheets contains some graphic worksheets that are also duplicated at the end of the tutorial. Wes https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kp4agdsfr2wpw5u/AACtKdyXtcR67mafsoBgS4Ssa?dl=0
  19. Wes Gardner

    Model Set Up (Revisited for 2019)

    @MaltbyDesign...glad you got it to work out...I guess mine defaults to that....another issue is don't forget, when the roof command is run, it MAY place the roof in a class that is NOT on therefore making it seem as if nothing happened...
  20. Wes Gardner

    how to make parametric buildings and rooms?

    Hi, Slabs can be linked to walls such that when you move a wall, the slab (floor system) will expand or contract accordingly. Wes
  21. Wes Gardner

    slanted "roof" for space objects

    Rob, Yes, spaces can respond to sloped roofs...
  22. Wes Gardner

    Wall hatches not visible in Section

    @HSP DanS...two things to do - First, the container class that those walls are in (01 Lines) has no fill - giver it a fill. Second, select the walls and then under the Render tab, in the OIP, in the Mode drop-down,choose "By Component" rather than "By Object". This will let you see the textures of the components in your walls That will fix it... Other classes have no fills...that's why other objects appear in wireframe even when you're in openGL attached are a couple of screen shots and an updated version of your file. Let me know if you have troubles. Wes SECTION TEST v2019.vwx
  23. Wes Gardner

    Wall hatches not visible in Section

    Can you post a simple file?
  24. Wes Gardner

    Controlling visibility using data visualisation

    @line-weight....what's changed in 2020 is that you can visualize data in both sheet AND design layers 1) You can view your data with "the other stuff" grayed out - see screen shot - at the bottom is a drop-down providing "Draw All Other Objects" either Normally of Greyed 2) Soon 3) Yes
  25. Wes Gardner

    Disassociating a Data Tag

    @Dick Jenkins...Here's a tag that lets you enter whatever you want... Tagger v2020.vwx


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