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  1. graham wilson

    Printing to HP500

    Sorry to butt in on your thread, but this topic is the one that has been driving us all mad since we upgraded to VW10 about 3 months ago. We operate in Windows 2000 and have an HP800 plotter. We have exactly the same problems and have tried exactly the same offered solutions but to no avail. Please do not depend on the 3.21 version of the driver- HP have informed us that this is the version of the installation software- not the actual driver, and the driver it installs is v5.32 which we have already tried. In our case we have also tried the correct driver for the 800 (again v5.32) and all permutations available. Our supplier in the UK has been unable to offer anything else on this and with a large print run due at the end of January for a very important project, I am getting increasingly worried. I should add that one of the most frustrating aspects of this problem is that it is not total- sometimes we can get a perfect print, sometimes not- it is completely unpredictable. May I ask if Nemetscheck have replicated this problem in house and solved it using the suggested solutions? [ 01-15-2003, 07:01 AM: Message edited by: graham wilson ]
  2. graham wilson

    Export to Acrobat

    Thanks for that- as it happens we are on PC's, but we have now bought the full version of Acrobat and printing direct to the PDFwriter driver is very straightforward on PC's as well.
  3. We need to email drawings to recipients who do not always have Vectorworks or even a CAD package. Can anyone advise on the best way to export a Vectorworks file to Adobe Acrobat, such that the line and font quality can be maintained and the pdf file remains scaleable for printing out at the other end? Many thanks


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