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  1. Can someone provide a link to the changelog for SP3? I can't seem to find one on the NNA website or in the SP3 package. I would love to know what has been fixed, improved, updated and/or added. Thanks! Louis Bohn
  2. Ensure you are on the appropriate layer, then select the lighting position in question. A handle will appear on or very near the text label. Hover your cursor over the handle until it changes to a diagonal arrow. Left click and move to your desired location. You will need to do this for each label you would like to move. You may also change the font face, size and color while the position is selected, using the Text menu and Attributes palette. Alternatively, you can deselect the Position Summary option in the Object Info dialog and use a simple text object as a label. This will however, remove the relationship between the text and the lighting position object. Auto-numbering, auto-labeling, if in use, will not be affected by deselecting Position Summary. Good luck! --L.
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