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  1. Hi All, Anyone know of a way to copy from an Excel Spreadsheet and paste into a VW Worksheet. I am going through a lot of data input needlessly when most of my channel and dimmer numbers are sequential, almost 1600 channels in a very simple patch. In trying to import into a blank worksheet. Is there a way to get the information to reference back to lighting devices? I also tried pasting into the worksheet created from the drawing and pasting into the same cell range and all the data ended up in the first cell of the range. The easy way would be able to use excel to make the process much easier with the fill series command and then copy and paste into VW. I am thinking there is no function in the worksheets to fill down in series. It seems the only way to enter data into 2 way worksheets is one line at a time or copying the same info into multiple cells. Thanks Jim
  2. Dave It seems that if I toggle the auto align off then back on it seems to get the renders to match, I don't remember this to ever require any other actions once a texture was mapped in previous releases and the results seem inconsistent. Also when I exported backwards to a VW2008 File all the mappings were off. Is this a bug or a new issue we should get used to? Thanks Jim Woodward Exhibit Logic
  3. Sorry for the late response, I watched the board for a while but had not seen anything. Anyhow I have been having this issue with VW 09 since the start. Image looks good with Open GL but not the same scale with final render. the origin did not seem to help. My previous post had one Final render visable the other was the attachment below that in Open Gl. The final version has the key texture but is so small you can't see it. I made this from scratch. It is constant through all my renders. I'm going to copy and paste back to 2008 and see what happens. either way the issue seems to be happening all the time in all drawings. Jim Mac OSX 10.5 Multiple Machines all the same result VW 2009 SP2 Build (99197)
  4. Wish List: A check box in the OIP for viewports, show or hide crop object.
  5. If you look close you will see the keys in the final render at a much smaller scale. Jim
  6. Happy new year to all. I'm not sure if I'm missing a new setting that was added in 09, when I map a texture to open GL setting scale etc looks fine, then in the final quality render the scale is way off. I've been punting my way through this for a while, but need to figure this out. Any thoughts?
  7. In VW 2009 the solid modeling is looking very rough no matter what the prefs are set to. I am not sure if I am missing something. When I try the same settings on previous versions it looks fine. circles and arcs are very rough in the solid model, but if I render a shape in the drawing next to the solid it renders smooth. Jim
  8. That would be the current model, I remember a conversation with Dave D. and the general thought was most high end graphics cards were not going to do much for the final q. render process as much as more memory, but that was quite a while back (late 06) I was looking to see if anyone had any performance gains with an upgraded card they have installed, as we are about to add some new machines to our shop. I'm looking at a 2.8 dual Quad Mac Pro w 4 gig mem, A 23' Imac and a new MBP 15" any comments are welcome, VW is the main application on all three, high end renders on the Mac Pro. Thanks
  9. Anyone have any suggestions for the second generation Mac Pro and VW 2008 final Quality Rendering
  10. Hey Kevin, When I try that it does not have an edit light option when multiple instruments are selected. Jim W.
  11. Hi All, Does anyone know if there is a way to toggle on and off multiple instruments for lit fog? when multiple fixtures are selected the contextual menu now longer allows to edit light. Thanks Jim VW 2008 Mac 10.4.11
  12. thanks for the suggestions Mike, I still wish VW had a tear-off alignment/distribution palette.
  13. all nice options, but nothing like having a tear-off pallette
  14. I have noticed that a lot of people are still using the command -. method to abort a render and it is almost useless on a Mac the esc key is reliable. not sure about windows
  15. Thanks That's a great plug-in, only I wish it could stay open all the time. I could not seem to get a disribute mode on this, Am I missing something
  16. long time wish, it used to be in the simplest of the drawing programs. thanks jim
  17. Has any suggestions been made to eliminate the rerenders when editing lighting instruments when in final render mode. this has proved to be very time consuming. Thanks Jim
  18. I use spotlights from the front and soften them to make images pop but that all depends on the throws being blocked or not, I have also had good results from Dave's method building a light box and placing them inside.
  19. One way is to make a view port and duplicate it in place, set the frontmost viewport to hidden line render(sketch mode or not) and set the other viewport to an other style of render, ie. artistic render cartoon or watercolor has a nice effect
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