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  1. Thank you for your help Pat, very much appreciated. I do struggle with worksheets, I wish they were more intuitive.
  2. It appears it doesn't. So therefore how can I alter the record for all the instances that have the same record attached?
  3. Ah.....what I've been doing is editing the record through the Resource Browser, which doesn't seem to work but using the OIP does. If I alter the record through the OIP for one instance will it alter all the instances on the drawing?
  4. Hi Michaelk Here is a stripped down file with what I hope is a symbol with an attached record and a corresponding worksheet. If I change the record info the worksheet doesn't show the change after recalculation. Thank you for your help Guy
  5. I have several records attached to several parts on a drawing to create a worksheet showing part numbers and costs etc. When I alter a record that is attached to an item on the drawing the worksheet won't show the change when I recalculate, until I uncheck the record in the OIP and then recheck it. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Ah...got it, it appears you have to 'sum' a separate cost column, but why make it so tricky. Surely the worksheet stuff should be there to make life simpler?!
  7. After much head-scratching I have managed to set up a worksheet to give the the quantity and total cost of some parts. How can I get cost/unit into a column. I have tried the usual spreadsheet method of dividing one cell by another but it returns the total cost again. I am struggling with what would seem to be a fairly straightforward task, perhaps I should just use Excel! Any help would be gratefully received
  8. There's an option in preferences that might help but it won't deal with the rotated viewport part of your question. 'Separate Sheet views', when un-ticked should give you the same zoom factor and origin of view for both sheet and design layers
  9. GWS


    If you ungroup the dimension the text part can be changed without moving the witness lines, only trouble is it will no longer as a dimension but just become lines and text.
  10. I use other CAD software and they don't seem to have the same problem, although I do run them through Parallels. Would the drivers on Parallels be different from the MAC side?
  11. Have you tried clicking on 'Display Planar Objects' in the OIP when the viewport is selected? 3D Text doesn't render well in a viewport I'm afraid, certainly not good enough for presentation standards. The work around is to duplicate the viewport on top of the existing one and only turn on the text class and then set the rendering to wire-frame. The viewport below, without the text should render fine and the one on top should show up the 3d text in wireframe. I hope this is helpful! I was hoping that this issue would be addressed in 2012.
  12. Folders might also help organise classes as well
  13. I'm afraid not. VPs are not live and annotations will not update as the design changes. They are just notes in the VP. It has been asked for and is long overdue but I doubt it will happen anytime soon as we are still waiting for Associative Dimensions to be associative in the 3D world. The consensus seems to be to put you dimensions on the Design Layer but I found this an unacceptable solution as it makes the number of classes become ridiculously large. In short you will have to manually update your dimensions in VPs when the design changes.
  14. Yes...surprising in this day and age!!! It has long been wished for but not delivered.
  15. Right click on the saved view you want to redefine in the navigation pallet.
  16. It can be done with walls and the dimensions will drive the 3D wall size but that is it as far as I can tell. It won't work on other objects though so you still have to re-dimension in a viewport every time your design changes.
  17. You cannot associate 3D dimensions on a design layer or a VP. Please prove me wrong.....please
  18. You can with walls, the dimensions will drive the wall length, why we can't have that for all objects is a mystery
  19. ....so if the design changes I have to re-dimension
  20. Yes but I can't associate a dimension to a 3D object
  21. I can't find anything on 3d Associative Dimensions I'm afraid
  22. Could you explain how you associate dimensions please?
  23. It would nice if they were associative so you didn't have to re-dimension every time the design changed!
  24. I have much better success with exporting as v14. It seems to be more reliable. It might help!
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