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  1. DWG doesn't cut it either, the export is still loads of individual straight lines instead of arcs
  2. Should I import the DWG back into VW or use something like draftsight?
  3. I have been using, or should I say trying to use the new 'Export 2D Graphics' option when exporting DXFs. Unfortunately it converts all the curved arc into lots of individual straight lines which is useless for laser/water cutting or routing. I can only imagine that the script invokes the 'convert to lines' with 'hidden line rendering' option which does the same thing and makes the command pointless. This leaves me with the old workflow of extracting a planar face method, time consuming at best. Why don't the software engineers ask somebody who actually uses the program in 'real life' what it is that would make things work better rather than wasting time adding something that is incompatible with production methods. This is one of the few features that interested me in 2013, but as usual it has been badly implemented (Frustrated again, I'm afraid)
  4. Hi Richard In the Sheet Layer Viewport you need to enter the 'Annotations' layer by either right clicking on the viewport and selecting edit annotations or double clicking the viewport and selecting annotations. Then the dimensions will be at the correct scale. The red cross may mean that you have not selected the right layer. Use the OIP and click on 'Layer' to select. Hope the words, Grandmother, eggs & suck are not applicable here!!!!
  5. Well everybody says you should recreate from scratch....but I have never had any trouble doing this...ALTHOUGH I have only ever done it 1 year back (not 4) so it may not work. Goto Applications>Vectorworks 2008>Libraries>defaults>Sheet Border-Title Blocks and open the file with your Title Block in it. Do the same thing with your 2012 version and open 'Custom Title Blocks' with your 2012 file active select the 2008 file in the resource browser and select the record and import it and do the same with the title block. You can then drag the Title Block onto the 'Custom Title Block' and it will be available next time your set up a drawing border. --Basically you could just copy and paste the record and title block from one file to the other which may be simpler!!-- This may not work with such a big gap in versions but it's worth a try.
  6. GWS

    Export DXFs

    Is anyone else having trouble exporting DXFs in 2013 SP2? All my exports either export as blank or disconnected lines. (I am using the new 2D graphic option)
  7. The ability to associate ANY object to another is long overdue. The lack of it makes for an extended editing workflow and causes hours of grief.
  8. Just tried it on a Mac and it seems to be OK which would, as Ian has said, that it may be a local issue with you set up
  9. What are you exporting it for? If it is for artwork design would it be better to create the image in a vector-based program such as Adobe Illustrator or even export it as a DXF?
  10. I guess that the image export rasterises the file and converts the vector information to pixels. I can only suggest that you set your export options to create a large file in order to improve the rasterisation
  11. Have a look at these settings in the export dialogue box. Alternatively reset the layer scale to 1:1 and then export
  12. You could use Modify>Convert To Lines and then choose 'Hidden Line Rendering', or if you're using VW2013 there is an 'Export as flattened 2D Graphics' check box in the Export DXF dialogue box. Either way you will lose any wall data and behaviour.
  13. 'Hate forums' - what a waste of time & effort - pointless.
  14. Yes it would. More direct linking to the design layer would be very helpful.
  15. Agreed Bruce, the Clip Cube does look nice but I still haven't found use for it. The 'Hierarchical View' in the Navigation Palette seems more practical for isolating objects. Some CAD basics would be more useful.
  16. Please can we have associative 3D dimensions able to be applied through annotations in a Viewport. Please can the 3D Fillet/Chamfer tool be included in the history tree Both seem to be basic requirements for contemporary CAD software, I have other many wishes but really really just want to emphasis these two.
  17. I have just started using cloud services. It would be great when marking up a drawing on the cloud if there was a magnifying glass that displaced what was under your finger/pointer, much like on the iPhone when you're altering text. There are other measuring apps on the iPhone and iPad that do this that make marking up a drawing much easier.
  18. I've been asking for this for some years now. It seems a basic requirement for today's CAD software but still it is missing. For goodness sake please can we have this in 2014
  19. I'm trying to use :iDate on a title block. I have set it up and it seems to work fine except that the type appears in the wrong place on the sheet layer (not where I positioned it on the title block) and subsequent issue dates appear on top of each other, even though I have set the text alignment to 'Top' (The text appears just below 'Drawing Number') Is this a bug, or am I missing something?
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