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  1. You can either try the ESC key or hold down the apple key and press '.' This will stop the rendering process but the screen may well be blank as it stops in mid process. I often switch to 'wireframe' while making adjustments.
  2. Generally the move face creates a generic solid with no edit history. Where as extrude face seems to create an object addition which maintains the editable history, much more useful. I suggest that you don't use the move face if you want to use the editable history.
  3. Have you tried converting everything to lines and then composing them. Look under the modify menu.
  4. GWS

    Export DXFs

    Ah, there's wishful thinking!!!
  5. GWS

    Export DXFs

    When it does work all the arcs are translated to many straight lines as opposed to a continuous polyline. Many straight separate lines are no good for CNC cutting. DXF/DWG export should surely, in 2013, be elementary. Even Alibre Design which cost a mere ?200 can do this why not VW.
  6. It's on a sheet layer. In fact both viewports are on a sheet layer. The original viewport was created from setting the view on a design layer and then selecting Create Viewport from the view menu
  7. Have a look at the interactive part of the VW preferences. There are quite a lot of settings you can alter including the colours of different on screen options.
  8. I have set up a viewport with a custom viewing angle and when I try to create a detailed viewport it displays in Top view. Why is this?
  9. Yes, but it's a pain to have to crop every viewport. I was wondering why there has been a change in behaviour.
  10. I have noticed that the Viewport borders seem to be much larger than they were in 2012. By that I mean the box is wider and taller. I have a viewport of a design with most of the classes turned off so I only see on object (I am making an exploded view using many viewports). The border for the viewport is as larger as the whole model which means I need to crop every viewport so I can see them and move them into place, also, so that the viewports don't cover each other up making selecting tricky. In 2012 the viewport box would shrink down to encompass just the object but now they don't. Is there a new setting somewhere or is it new behaviour for some reason I'm missing?
  11. Yes, it's been asked many times.....something so basic by today's standards and yet nobody seems to be listening
  12. I have asked for this before and I know the work around (flicking back through the working plane method) but please can we have an easy way to insert bolts, screws etc onto the working plane. at the moment, after having set the working plane it jumps back to the standard ground plane orientation once the PIO has been selected and the screw is inserted along the y-axis. Why? Please can we have the ability to set the working plane, select the PIO (leaving the working plane where it is) and have the screw insert perpendicular to the set working plane It would save a awful lot of fiddling about!!
  13. I have also tried using VW with limited success. I had no luck with 2008/2009 and had to import the file into Inventor. There was no stitching or making good here, I just exported as STL and all was fine. VW did not make watertight models and so the printer read surfaces instead of solids and consequently wouldn't print. I have since tried VW 2011 and had some success on simple shapes but usually I have to resort to SolidWorks, which also appears to need no extra stitching but just export to STL. I tried bringing this up through the Bug submit route but nothing has really improved to a reliable point. Recently I tried with VW2013 and after checking the object in Meshlab it seemed to be OK but unfortunately it never went to print so I don't know for sure. I have had prints done in various plastics including glass filled nylon through SLS. It is a fascinating tool and the materials available are getting tougher and tougher so much so that I actually used some parts in a small mechanism on a job.
  14. Try this thread http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=179257#Post179257
  15. When are we ever going to get Associative 3d Dimensions?
  16. GWS

    3d Set Screw

    I wonder who put these together, possibly someone who doesn't use in the real world. A theme that I seem to come across more and more with VW
  17. GWS

    3d Set Screw

    I wonder if that's due to different specs - ISO, DIN etc.
  18. Can't change the length of ISO set screw from 20mm to anything longer. Is it just me?
  19. You can turn a symbol into its component parts by going to the modify menu Modify>Convert to group>Ungroup. If you double click on the symbol you should be in edit mode where you can re-assign the class
  20. Now that would be a very nice useful addition.
  21. also.....you can select all the text at once in the annotation layer and resize in one go. I often use this if I have to resize a viewport.
  22. Agreed, especially if it amounted to more than just some PIO's, like clash detection, 3D constraints, stress analysis etc
  23. I wish that the new 2D graphic export in the DXF/DWG export dialogue box maintained the arcs and didn't turn them into lots of straight lines. I also wish for the export to create one continuous polyline so the file could be used for laser/water cutting without a lot of further work in the CADCAM software.
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