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  1. Having trouble with the Grid Tool. The only thing I'm getting is the bounding box but no Grid. File attached. I'm sure I'm forgetting something basic.
  2. This option in the DXF dialogue box promised so much but sadly didn't deliver what I'd hoped. To export for CNC/Laser cutting I do the following: Extract Tool > with the options set to - Extract Surface - Extract Planar Objects Copy & delete (Cut on a Mac) the created Planar Create a New Layer Paste the Planar Object Use the OIP to put the Planar object onto the Screen Plane Set the View to Top/Plan After this sequence you can then Export DXF using whatever settings your CNC/Lazer Cutting engineers require. At present there is an option in the Export DXF Dialogue Box that is 'Export as Flattened 2D Graphics'. Unfortunately this command produces an object that turns all the curves, arcs etc into a series of straight lines (rather than smooth arcs) which produce a faceted Laser/CNC cut object. Go through the above process many many times and I was excited when 2013 came out with the export option included. I was then disappointed when I discovered that it was actually of no use. Please could the command be rewritten to produce a smooth, single polyline on export rather than a faceted facimile. If someone could write a script for this I would happily pay for it. Ideally I would set the viewing angle to look at a particular face and then export a DXF ask me where to save it (as it does now).
  3. Thank you Peter, I think that's what I'm after. Michael, the symbol is already embedded in the design as part of a mechanism.
  4. Unfortunately the symbol is part of the Design on the Design Layer and I'm creating a Viewport from the Design Layer.
  5. I think this has been asked before but I can't find it.....so Is there a way to set a symbol to scale to the SLVP scale? When in wireframe they are displayed at 1:1. I can alter this in the OIP advance tab but is there a way to do it automatically?
  6. I could find a way to work with either method but at the moment we don't have either!
  7. Yes but re-applying many varied fillets is very time consuming. The push pull tool is a long way from replacing the history. If the fillet tool was properly editable through drag handles etc then maybe we could get somewhere.
  8. Does anybody really know why the 3d fillet/chamfer tool is not part of the history tree? Is it a technical issue, which I find hard to believe. Is just something that is now so forgotten about that no matter how many time it is wished for it will never be realised. I assume there is a valid reason that something so obvious is still not available and I'd really like to know Thank you
  9. Agreed Michael. Viewports have a lot more potential. What I don't understand is why is it not already available.
  10. I know there's been a lot of wishing for 'live section viewports'. Can someone explain why section viewports should be live and not all viewports?
  11. Agreed. Duplicating a class should have an option to name the new class as you create it. Just adding '-2' is not helpful.
  12. I'm afraid I can't open your file as VW won't let me, but any Renderworks mode should work. i.e Fast Renderworks, Custom Renderworks or Final Renderworks.
  13. this is perhaps an example of a software engineers point of view who doesn't use VW in a practical sense
  14. I used Custom Renderworks
  15. Yes there is now a Rhino import in VW2013, but you could also export from Rhino as DXF or IGES both of which will import into VW
  16. I think Rhino will open .3dm files and I also think that you can download a free temporary/demo/beta version for Mac from their website. http://mac.rhino3d.com
  17. Have you tried 'Lit Fog' in the OIP
  18. That is a telling thought about how VW works, and I know that feeling of low expectation!
  19. There is no snapping so getting a dimension from the PDF is impossible. You also can't see what's under your finger/point as there is no offset viewer. Not much use really. I too find it easier to store the self generated PDFs in iBooks
  20. it's not what I would call a complex shape! ('Pads' or not)
  21. Ah, I didn't think to double click on the array to get the edit dialogue box up. Thank you Benson from that point I was able to fix it.
  22. I am trying to get a tile to repeat on a polygon using the surface array. Unfortunately I can't get it to lie on the polygon. The tile is repeated so that it is parallel to the ground plane. The file is 8.8Mb (even stripped down) Any help gratefully received
  23. +1 (DXF export for CNC could also be a lot better)
  24. I sometimes have similar issues when editing symbols, I'm afraid to say that I've never got to the bottom of it. Often the polygon will be shown on screen but is unselectable but if I do a 'Select All' the selection handles appear displaced and apparently highlighting nothing. I will be interested to see if anybody can explain your issue
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