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  1. Yes EAP's are normally, not always, too difficult to edit so I just rebuild it from the beginning.
  2. I wish that when dimensioning in a viewport the dimension tool would recognise 3D arcs, cirlces etc so I don't have to redraw 2d arcs over anything that requires a dimension. It feels like I have to do things twice and if the design changes ALL the dimensions have to be changed manually as they are not associative, even the regular linear dimensions. I don't really feel that we have 3D dimensions in VW yet, just text that can be put on a plane. Which I might add doesn't render properly in viewports...another wish I suppose
  3. It would be a massive help and time saver if the 3D fillet/chamfer tool could be part of the history of an object. At present I try to put the fillets in 2D before extrusion or at least as early in the modelling history as possible, but that is not always possible and having to re-apply lots of fillets when editing an object is trying at best. If there are a lot of different fillets I have to make notes so as to remember what they were originally.
  4. It would be a great help if the working plane would stay as selected and not revert to the default ground plane when selecting & inserting nuts, bolts, cogs etc. At the moment you have to select the working plane then select the PIO and then, using the arrows in the working plane window, re-select the working plane again....and it can be a bit of a pain. I've also noticed that the working plane reverts to the layer plane from the screen plane when using the mirror tool. In short I wish the user defined plane stay selected until told otherwise.
  5. I have to export to VW2008 and then to DXF so the laser cutting companies can read the files, so from my point of view it has got worse.
  6. I having to use a similar workflow for export DXF's. 2009, or even 2008 is much more stable on many issues especially exporting.
  7. I couldn't agree more. Since the implementation of the Layer Plane/Screen Plane so-called upgrade I have spent a lot of time trouble shooting what used to be straight forward tasks, and yes it has cost me time and money.
  8. VW 2009 had 5 SP's and by the end it was pretty good....VW2010 came out and we were back to square one!! If 2011 gets fixed I shall stick with that and be very apprehensive about upgrading.
  9. I'd happily buy an upgrade that just offered a less buggy more compatible and reliable piece of software. I've had so many problems with 2011 that have caused loss of productivity and consequently profit that I'm seriously considering not upgrading again for along time. In fact I find I'm exporting to 2008/2009 more often than I'd like, just to be able to export reliable DXF's for laser cutting....to name but one issue.
  10. Agreed. DWG export should also be alot more reliable. Surely this sort of thing is imperative.
  11. That is a great suggestion. I currently have an excel file that I use to try and keep track of this stuff, but of course it needs manually updating which takes more time than I would like and is prone to human error.
  12. I have problems with viewports and OpenGL. Sometimes the viewports just wont render properly. The only solution I have found is to redo the viewport or render it in another render mode. Very tedious. I had no such problems with 2008, 2009 and I have no idea what causes it. I must say I have had a lot more problems across the board (rendering, exporting boolean ops etc) since the layer/screen plane was introduced and I can't help thinking that is still not been incorporated properly. No help, I know, but you're not alone!!
  13. ...which would mean it could be part of the history tree and save alot of time when editing.
  14. Hi Raymond I select a working plane, then the object and then the 3D move command. The object then moves relative to the ground plane. So I undo the move and then go to the top of the screen to the drop down menu where there is a tick against the working plane and re-highlight the working plane and re-move the object. The object then moves correctly. Is it me..!!!!
  15. Dare I mention my hope for proper 3D dimensioning again...I'm getting bored with asking for it so it must be really dull for others to listen to me gripe on.....but hope springs eternal!!!!!!!
  16. It may say 'working plane' at the top but it doesn't always mean it. I often have to re-select the 'working plane' more than once when using the '3D move' command to move an object with respect to the working plane. The object often moves relative to the ground plane even when it says 'working plane' at the top of the window. ..it's all too confusing.
  17. Hi Eric Did you compose the lines together?
  18. If you change the object to layer/3D plane in the OIP it should extrude. If you create a NURBS object it will put the object onto a 3D plane so I wonder the object is actually on a 3D plane or not.
  19. GWS

    Brushed Aluminum

    Maybe the handle fell off the broom!!
  20. GWS

    Brushed Aluminum

    Nope, I spent a while trying to get it to look something good but gave up.
  21. GWS

    Export Dxf 2011

    I have opened the DXF/DWG files in Draftsight and all seems to be OK when I do that but I run Parallels on my Mac so I'll try the Trueview solution you suggested. The layer/Screen Plane could well be the issue, I hadn't thought of that. I'll try setting everything to Screen plane and see if that helps. Thanks for your help
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