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  1. If the object is a symbol or a group then the radius tool fails, and it's temperamental at best. I'm constantly drawing circles and arcs in the annotation space.....very dull

  2. It's a well-known shortcoming that the radius dimensioning tool often does not work in annotation space.

    Yes...WHY is this still an issue after so long of asking for it to be improved. Come on VW isn't it long over due for improvement.

  3. I have created a Viewport with custom render applied(mostly medium levels) the same as on the design layer.

    The Viewport renders very much more brightly than the design layer and when I play with the viewport lighting options nothing seems to alter.

    I have tried Layer lighting options, turning off the ambient light, using HDRi and not using HDRI, turning off the spotlights on the design layer etc, but the render in the Viewport stays unchanged even after updating.

    Final Quality suffers the same thing.

    Is this a bug or am I missing something.

  4. I know this is a bit late but.....

    1. Before extracting the face make sure that 'Create Planar Objects' is on in the preferences for the extraction tool.

    2. Put the extracted face onto a new layer and make sure it is in the Top/Plan view. (you may need to rotate the face so it lies on the Top/Plan plane.

    3. Decompose the face. (Modify>Decompose). This will give you arcs as opposed to polylines.

    Once exported as DXF you should get arcs in AutoCad.

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