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  1. I have discovered in VWX 2019 Spotlight that my menu options under Event Design for Create Room, Create Stage and Create Stair are not available to me. Has anyone else experienced this and have a fix?
  2. I've recently upgraded from 2010 to 2015, so I'm experiencing some new learning curves here. In the new version of VW Spotlight, when viewing the plot from anything other than Top/Plan it is displayed in a '3D' format. While this could be useful, it is not helping me to set the proper elevation of objects in a room. I'm aware that I can type in the desired elevations for objects, but I need to see the elevation in relation to other objects. With the current 'perspective' style views this is difficult. Is there a way to view Front, Left, etc, in a flat 2D style?
  3. I didn't know I could drag textures onto an object, or that I could apply different textures to the same object (is that new to '09?). I've always used the Render Pane. I see the Part drop-down list, but every option leaves we with the same result. I would think the Overall option would do as it describes.
  4. I used VWs Wall object from the Building Shell tool set. Tried putting the object in a new file without success. My file is too big to attach, but here's just the wall object.
  5. I have an occasional issue when I attempt to apply a texture to an object. When I apply a texture it sometimes only maps to the edge of the object instead of onto the main surface (or all sides), and I can't seem to find the fix. I'm sure it's a setting that I'm overlooking somewhere. Attached is a screenshot which shows this issue. The object is a wall with VW's Wood Panel texture applied
  6. Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions. Today I opened the file and it rendered the text exactly as it should have. This was after opening the file from Ray (thanks) so I don't know if that jogged something in my app settings or not, but I didn't have to make any changes to my file to get it working today.
  7. Thanks for your help with this... I've tried downloading your file twice, and aside from it having a different file name (1869), VectorWorks claims it is unreadable (I'm using 2008, btw). Also, my issue is not applying the textures, it's getting them to render properly with the textures I've chosen. Were you able to render the textures?
  8. Okay, Thanks. Here's the file with my 3D text.
  9. I'm sorry, I haven't posted on this board before today... How do I post the file?
  10. I have chosen various textures under the Render Tab, some defaults and some created by me, all with no luck. I did not think about looking at the attribute settings, but it was already set to solid. Trying a quick (relative term based on my hardware) render using a different attribute color to see what kind of results I get, but would still like to use textures as opposed to flat colors when possible.
  11. I did ungroup the text once I converted it to Polylines, but I did not ungroup the individual letters once I did the extrude.
  12. I've been having issues with applying textures to objects for rendering. Today I'm working with some text I've extruded and have tried unsuccessfully to apply different textures - the text always renders white (or grey) no matter what color the texture is that I've applied. I've also changed the Map Type and flipped my text object to see if the texture was being applied to the opposite side, but to no avail. Does any one have any suggestions to help me work through this issue? Thanks.


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