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  1. I have tried to do a search, but cannot seem to find what I am looking for. I am looking for the more common lightplot drafting symbols (Center line, people, etc.). Can anyone tell me where I can find those symbols in the library or to download? Thanks!!
  2. Ok. I am a noob trying to figure out the whole offset thing. I have a tutorial that I am working from and it says to select the offset tool, but I am not finding the offset tool anywhere on any of the palettes. Is it hidden in one of the other pullouts or am I just smoking something...? Help please!!
  3. So apparently no one knows how to fix my issue. SO how do I get ahold of a real person to talk to since no one wants to try to tackle my issue...?
  4. I am running 2008 and I still get the error message when I try to open the file I was sent. The original file that I am trying to open was created in VW 11. The problem is I am trying to open a VW11 Student edition file with VW2008 when I get the error message.
  5. Hey all! Kinda new to the VW scene - using Spotlight a lot for my theatre lighting designs. I had the TD send me a VW file of the theatre I am working in, but I cannot get it to open. The error that I get looks like this: THIS FILE WAS SAVED IN THE STUDENT EDITION OF VECTORWORKS. FILES SAVED IN THE STUDENT EDITION CANNOT BE OPENED IN THE PROFESSIONAL VERSION. I am running the 2008 Education version of VW on XP. I thought that the Education version and the Student Edition were the same thing. The file that I am trying to open was created in v11 of VW. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
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